Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'VE BEEN STAYING AT HOME, OMGWTF... Seriously I'm super concern about my hair because it's really dropping lots lots lots lots lots hell lots of hair. Whyyyyy? T.T  Is it really normal? Many people says that it's normal ya know?!

And alsoooo, my hair is growing! I'm keeping my fringe long! Because I had bangs for like freaking many years. Time to try something new. And anywaaaysssss

I'm drinking milk tea. Hahahaha, sorry this is really random. Hehhee <3

Monday, September 26, 2011

Productive Day

Hihi, study study and studying so here's a short blog post before I enter my world of mathematics. And yes, I've been studying for today with my friends. No more playing! Focus focus focus focus!!!! And it's been a productive day for me. Hehehe. Okay, I'll continue to work hard! Wish me all the best! ^^.

-Nerd mode turns on- -Scribble scribble scribble-

Byebye! ^^

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Omgwtf? It's Saturday already. Going Sunday soon, wtf? Hhahahahaa. Hiiiiii, I went to shop around with Liyuen today! Because we're bored. Hahahahahaha.

Anyway sorry for my failed photo..

Fashion of the day:

Me, wearing:
Blue and white stripped oversized top with denim shorts.

Really simple because today I'm feeling lazy.

Mustard cardigan with printed tank top with high waist denim shorts.

Anyway, I bought this damn cute light blue with polka dots dressss! Hahaha so cute. :P

Alright then, I'm ending my post here, since I don't think you would wanna know what we exactly do during our shopping trrrippp. It'll be boring! Hahaha. Bye bye! Gooodnight!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hiii! Wow, I thought the wind was gonna blow me away or something this morning! It's so freaking cold the whole entire day! And I mean really cold ya! IT'S LIKE, I CANNOT SURVIVE IF I DIDN'T BRING MY JACKET. AND I WAS SITTING IN THE EXAM HALL, IT'S SO COLD THAT MY LEGS WENT NUMB. NO KIDZ. I'M SERIOUSSS!!!

I was like thinking to myself, "F*** you art paper, why does it takes you 3 hours for this whole thing? I can't wait to go and eat my breakfast/lunch. I NEED SOMETHING HOT RIGHT NOW!"

So I was sitting there for 3 hours, shivering even though my jacket is on. Phew, is Singapore gonna snow? Please do! Hahahhaa!

Oh, I just sneezed. Hehehe bye bye!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Wassup! I don't have to go to school today! BUT! I needa make a trip out to get drawing paper.......... Yes, drawing block. I needa draw like wtfffffff................ AGAIN? True, true, it's not the end. O level final board already killed me ten thousand times. Now prelims. Later O level paper 2. WHATTTT YOU WANT FROM ME?! -.- . I seriously regretted taking art. I AM LAZY TO DRAW............ F***  F***  F***  F***  F***  F***!!! 

Enough of ranting... SIGH. 

Went to NEX alone~ To get my drawing block. 

Dressing of the day: 

Translucent blouse w black tank top.
Blue denim shorts
and leather shoeesss.

 That's random, but ya.  
And I ate my bak chor meeeee, alone. AHAHAA! Yumz yumz yumz....

K la, I'm going back to draw my weird art stuff. T.T Bye

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cooling Tuesday!

The rain bore on endlessly, pounding on the rooftops and turning the sidewalks and roads into vast lakes of dull, muddy water. Dark gray clouds covered the sky, only letting a few rays of feeble sun slip past the barrier. The monotonous sound of raindrops beating on the sidewalk blended in with the occasional whoosh of the breeze through the treetops. Everything was bleak, gray, and dreary - even the atmosphere. People dressed in heavy coats and bearing large umbrellas walking quickly with purpose, not stopping to look at anything or anyone. I was the only one left at home.

Eh, seriously I copied that. I'm not gonna write composition. Hahahahahaaha.  IT'S RAINING TODAY! I LOVE RAIN WHEN I'M HOME. ^^. Make me feel like a god, kidding. Hahahaa. This will be a random post like really random because I ate pineapple. Okok.

Well. I did this funny random video with my sister like two days ago? Take a look!

And seriously, I did that Elmo voice. It's so fucking annoying. HAHAHAHA. I know. XD

Okok. Byebye.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sandy Sunday Picnic & Sleepy Monday

Hiiii ITS SUNDAY. went to have a catch up with my dearestssssss, Clara, Xiwen, Jonas, Brendaaaaa although Jiayuan didn't come T.T . We went to sentosa for picnic! Hahaha I made mashed potatoesssssss. Super delicious! Hehehe. Let pictures do the talking!

Eat lika baby. Hahaaha!

Jumpshot. HAHAHA.

Well, we enjoyed ourselves superrr much much much. Hahahaha. I'm happy to have friends like them though we catch up once in a while like today. Well, they used to be my neighborhood friends and now they are not after I moved. T.T . We are all so fated to know each other. Living so near to each other, meeting out late at night for supper, walking each other home, slacking and stuff. Some were my primary school friends, one is my next door neighbour, one is my next door neighbour friend, etc etc... it just keep relating until we know each other. ^^ . It's great to have them there for me when I'm upset... And not forgetting my other bestiessssssss.  I'll always rant things to them. Hahahaha! Well... meeting them today made me a little emotional, though I didn't show it. Hahhaa. I kinda miss my old house. ): . I even dreamt of it. Well, after all I grew up there.. many good memories... ): Alright then.... Goodnight....:D


Hihi, I just went out with Lizzie! For a window shopping trip. Hahahaa. Just really window shop. Really, we just walk around from here to there. Hahahaha. Any shop. And playing with hats at Daiso. Bloody uncle spoil our mood. Anyway we only hang out for awhile because we were too bloody hell tired. T.T Alright then! Goodnight!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

비빔밥 Bibimbap Day.

I took it like a few days ago!

Hi peeeps. I'M FINALLY BLOGGING! Well, I've invited Lizzie and Sakae over to my house today! Because I'm cooking Bibimbap(비빔밥) it's just a type of korean mixed rice, for the first time! Here's ingredients

-Hot pepper paste
-Bean sprout
-Bean Sprout
-Spring Onion
-Beef (can be pork or chicken)

Well actuallly I'm suppose to add more ingredients but making this is consider quite hard because you need too many ingredients, supeerrrr troublesome. But the steps are actually easy!


Washing rice

Slicing beef~

Marinating with sugar, soya sauce, sesame oil & pepper

Washing bean sprout and removing bad parts

Boiling with high temperate to remove the raw taste of bean sprout.

I think I did a pretty good job on this!

Making of sauce


Mix mix mixxx

Ready to eat~
My judge no.1, Lizzie

Judge no.2 Sakae.

And so, after eating we eat mooncake for our dessert! Hahahaha awesomeneessss. It's like a mooncake tasting for us. Eating all different weird flavours. Hahhaha!

A traditional mooncake!
Oh wellll, then after that we were playing The Sims 2, the real oneee, not sims social. And my sims were woohoo-ing. We also killled sims, make them mourn for them, etc. Evil things. HAHAHA. Next without realising, we've been playing that bloody sims for 2 to 3 hours. HAHAHAHA!
And thus we were watching The Haunted on tv and back to computer. Watch dramaaa etc etcc! Been a good day! Hahahahahaa

Alright then, I'm signing offf, with a dance cover by Lizzie! Goodnight!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inspired to draw.

Hihihihiii, I'm blogging for fun today because I wanna show off my artwork! HAHAHAHAHA. Well, my O level art deadline is close, like 3 days more? I needa faster finish up because my coursework is not enough to fill up my black A3 board laaa wtffff. And suddenly I got the inspiration to draw. SEEE. 

Nice? Hahahahaa. Anyway today when I reached home, I gave Rusty his usual tummy scratch. And he fall asleep on my bed. So cute. >< Cannot resist. Hhahahaha! 

He opened his eyes when I took this picture! Alright am ending post here! Goodnight peeps!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

Helloooo today is Mid-Autumn Festival and it's time for Mooncake ya ya? Hahahhahahaa. Mooncake bessst, especially durian one. I love. Hahaha. So instead of celebrating it today, I celebrated it with my family, relatives and my sis friends and and Rusty and Poker yesterday. Hahahahhaa. It was fun! There were loads and loads of foooood! Kong ba bao, Zhu jiao chu and and currryyyy and and Gyozaaaa and many moreee. Happy max. Hahahhahaa. Yummy food. And seriously, there were LOTS OF MOONCAKE TOO. NO KIDZ. HAHAHAA. PICTURES BELOW! And I guess the best mooncake was the Swesons mickey mouse milo ice cream mooncake. Reallllly niceeee. >< . I'm dying. Hahahhaa.

Best of all, we were all having fun. Playing Wii etc etc. And I swear Wii boxing super fun. I played till I've got muscle ache now. Hahahahaha. It's a good game. I am able to exercise by just playing that damn boxing game! Alright then! I'll be signing off nowww with mooncakes! Byeee! <3