Saturday, September 24, 2011


Omgwtf? It's Saturday already. Going Sunday soon, wtf? Hhahahahaa. Hiiiiii, I went to shop around with Liyuen today! Because we're bored. Hahahahahaha.

Anyway sorry for my failed photo..

Fashion of the day:

Me, wearing:
Blue and white stripped oversized top with denim shorts.

Really simple because today I'm feeling lazy.

Mustard cardigan with printed tank top with high waist denim shorts.

Anyway, I bought this damn cute light blue with polka dots dressss! Hahaha so cute. :P

Alright then, I'm ending my post here, since I don't think you would wanna know what we exactly do during our shopping trrrippp. It'll be boring! Hahaha. Bye bye! Gooodnight!

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