Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Wassup! I don't have to go to school today! BUT! I needa make a trip out to get drawing paper.......... Yes, drawing block. I needa draw like wtfffffff................ AGAIN? True, true, it's not the end. O level final board already killed me ten thousand times. Now prelims. Later O level paper 2. WHATTTT YOU WANT FROM ME?! -.- . I seriously regretted taking art. I AM LAZY TO DRAW............ F***  F***  F***  F***  F***  F***!!! 

Enough of ranting... SIGH. 

Went to NEX alone~ To get my drawing block. 

Dressing of the day: 

Translucent blouse w black tank top.
Blue denim shorts
and leather shoeesss.

 That's random, but ya.  
And I ate my bak chor meeeee, alone. AHAHAA! Yumz yumz yumz....

K la, I'm going back to draw my weird art stuff. T.T Bye

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