Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hiii! Wow, I thought the wind was gonna blow me away or something this morning! It's so freaking cold the whole entire day! And I mean really cold ya! IT'S LIKE, I CANNOT SURVIVE IF I DIDN'T BRING MY JACKET. AND I WAS SITTING IN THE EXAM HALL, IT'S SO COLD THAT MY LEGS WENT NUMB. NO KIDZ. I'M SERIOUSSS!!!

I was like thinking to myself, "F*** you art paper, why does it takes you 3 hours for this whole thing? I can't wait to go and eat my breakfast/lunch. I NEED SOMETHING HOT RIGHT NOW!"

So I was sitting there for 3 hours, shivering even though my jacket is on. Phew, is Singapore gonna snow? Please do! Hahahhaa!

Oh, I just sneezed. Hehehe bye bye!


  1. My school don't even have art as a subject for me to take! D8

    Why are you so pretty! Can't believe we're the same age (i assume) since i look like..... ._. LOL

    Oh well! Hope your art paper went well!~

  2. Oh man, better off not taking art! It sucksss! Hahahahaha! Thank youuu. Ya, I guess we should be around the same age! Hahahha! Thanks ya! ^^


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