Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cooling Tuesday!

The rain bore on endlessly, pounding on the rooftops and turning the sidewalks and roads into vast lakes of dull, muddy water. Dark gray clouds covered the sky, only letting a few rays of feeble sun slip past the barrier. The monotonous sound of raindrops beating on the sidewalk blended in with the occasional whoosh of the breeze through the treetops. Everything was bleak, gray, and dreary - even the atmosphere. People dressed in heavy coats and bearing large umbrellas walking quickly with purpose, not stopping to look at anything or anyone. I was the only one left at home.

Eh, seriously I copied that. I'm not gonna write composition. Hahahahahaaha.  IT'S RAINING TODAY! I LOVE RAIN WHEN I'M HOME. ^^. Make me feel like a god, kidding. Hahahaa. This will be a random post like really random because I ate pineapple. Okok.

Well. I did this funny random video with my sister like two days ago? Take a look!

And seriously, I did that Elmo voice. It's so fucking annoying. HAHAHAHA. I know. XD

Okok. Byebye.

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