Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

Helloooo today is Mid-Autumn Festival and it's time for Mooncake ya ya? Hahahhahahaa. Mooncake bessst, especially durian one. I love. Hahaha. So instead of celebrating it today, I celebrated it with my family, relatives and my sis friends and and Rusty and Poker yesterday. Hahahahhaa. It was fun! There were loads and loads of foooood! Kong ba bao, Zhu jiao chu and and currryyyy and and Gyozaaaa and many moreee. Happy max. Hahahhahaa. Yummy food. And seriously, there were LOTS OF MOONCAKE TOO. NO KIDZ. HAHAHAA. PICTURES BELOW! And I guess the best mooncake was the Swesons mickey mouse milo ice cream mooncake. Reallllly niceeee. >< . I'm dying. Hahahhaa.

Best of all, we were all having fun. Playing Wii etc etc. And I swear Wii boxing super fun. I played till I've got muscle ache now. Hahahahaha. It's a good game. I am able to exercise by just playing that damn boxing game! Alright then! I'll be signing off nowww with mooncakes! Byeee! <3


  1. wow that's a LOT of mooncakes!

    New follower here!~~
    Your blog is really interesting since I really love eating too! and you're really really pretty! (*___*)

  2. Yeahhh, lots of mooncakesss!

    Aww thanks alot for following! I thought my blog was boring. Heehehehee. Thank you! ^^

  3. Aargh, mooncake! I love it! But hard to find here T.T

  4. Mooncake are super delicious! ^^ Where are you frommm?


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