Monday, September 19, 2011

Sandy Sunday Picnic & Sleepy Monday

Hiiii ITS SUNDAY. went to have a catch up with my dearestssssss, Clara, Xiwen, Jonas, Brendaaaaa although Jiayuan didn't come T.T . We went to sentosa for picnic! Hahaha I made mashed potatoesssssss. Super delicious! Hehehe. Let pictures do the talking!

Eat lika baby. Hahaaha!

Jumpshot. HAHAHA.

Well, we enjoyed ourselves superrr much much much. Hahahaha. I'm happy to have friends like them though we catch up once in a while like today. Well, they used to be my neighborhood friends and now they are not after I moved. T.T . We are all so fated to know each other. Living so near to each other, meeting out late at night for supper, walking each other home, slacking and stuff. Some were my primary school friends, one is my next door neighbour, one is my next door neighbour friend, etc etc... it just keep relating until we know each other. ^^ . It's great to have them there for me when I'm upset... And not forgetting my other bestiessssssss.  I'll always rant things to them. Hahahaha! Well... meeting them today made me a little emotional, though I didn't show it. Hahhaa. I kinda miss my old house. ): . I even dreamt of it. Well, after all I grew up there.. many good memories... ): Alright then.... Goodnight....:D


Hihi, I just went out with Lizzie! For a window shopping trip. Hahahaa. Just really window shop. Really, we just walk around from here to there. Hahahaha. Any shop. And playing with hats at Daiso. Bloody uncle spoil our mood. Anyway we only hang out for awhile because we were too bloody hell tired. T.T Alright then! Goodnight!

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