Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 things to do to kill time.

Hey ya wassup, been awhile since I last posted.

Well, maybe I'll blog something different today since I'm in the mood to! Hahahahaaha

5 things to do to kill time! I know there's like somedays when you're at home, and you're bored, you don't know if you should sleep or use the computer. And so you decided to use the computer. And definitely, I think, you wouldn't be facebooking stalking people the whole day right? So freaking boring. @_@

And for me, when I'm damn bored till I'm about to die, I definitely go:

1. Dig dramas from internet to watch.

Ahahaha, seriously, I do that most of the time, and I watch that one drama halfway and continue watching it the next time I feel that bored. Hahahahahhahahahaa. I've got many unfinished dramas.

2. Read  mangaaaa

Hahaha, I think not all people read manga. :P , but for me I seriously do that. Hahahaha reading on internet, chapter by chapter... without realising 3 hours passed. @_@ I can do that the entire day and not get tired. Hahahahahahhahahahahahaa.

3. Play games.

I THINK THE BEST GAME TO KILL TIME, AND WITHOUT REALISING 10 HOURS PASSED IN THE SIMS. Serioussssssssssss! Too fast. The sims is seriously too fun, and not the sims social ya, I'm talking about the pc game. Hhahahaa. Building house, etc etc. Or maybe can play some mmorpg games.

4. Wikipedia

Or probably, those above will be too boring for me, why not learn some interesting stuff from wikipediaaaa. Dang, I love doing that. Hahahahahahahhahaa... You can amazed your friend by telling them things they might not know. Like for example... Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Hahahhahahahahaha. How ironic.. Or maybe... reading about serial killer. You've never understand what they are thinking. Hahhahhahaa.


Sleep is my last choice... Hahahhahahaa. I can sleep for very long ya. Hahahaha.

Actually, this is a pretty meaningless post. I just wanna keep my blog alive once in a while...



  1. hahahaha I do the same stuffs as you to kill time! SIMS 3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!

  2. OmG! I do all these things to kill time too! Especially read manga and play games! Yeah Sims is soooo addicting but I wish they would make their add-on packs cheaper! So expensive =(


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