Friday, October 21, 2011


Ahh, hi guys! I'm lazy to update my blog lately! >< . And my exams is coming real sooooooooooon soooon soooon! I started my first paper today~ There's more next week! I seriously can't wait for it to end. 

I somehow changed my makeup. Hahahaha. I wonder why my lips look weird here. AAHAHAHAH. Well, anyway~

I was seriously craving for pancake lately. HAHAHA. And finally I bought my pancake mix and cook pancake for myself.. I did a superrrrrrrrrrrrr big one. Yum yumzxz. ^^

Click the picture to visit my blogshop!
And hey guys! I'm starting my blogshop again! I'm selling lenses. ^^ . Do support me alright? I updated a little!

And a little preview if you're lazy to visit it!

Yayy~ FYNALE Hello  Kitty lens! Isn't it cute?! I myself is tempted to order as why! So what are you waiting for?!!

Support us at! Do like our fanpage ya!

No worries of being caught by MOH,
I've received my lens safely from my supplier.KEKEKEKE


  1. oooh i'd buy but veli ex ah x_x hohoohooo

  2. Oh my god you're so cute!! And those lenses are sooooooooo lovely and huge!!!!!!! *_____*

    I got the lashes from Ebay!! ^o^ I got them for just 10 USD or something like that!! shipping included!!

  3. @Jodie : Hehehehehehe. Do support okay~ ^^

    @Nenacho : Thank you sweetie!!! You're cute too! Ohhh, I really love diamond lashes! Super kawaii! Thanks for the info! <3

  4. Girl, you're so pretty! :) And those contact lenses are crazyy. Hello

  5. Btw, how come you have exams now..? Where do you go to school?

  6. wah you look so pretty! <3

    i'm not very into hk much anymore, but these lenses look interesting hehe ^^

  7. @s2danii: Hiii, thanksss! Hahaha, yeahhh looks cute! ^^. Ah, I'm still studying in secondary school. ^^

    @xixi: Thank you!! ^^. Yesss indeed is interesting! I was thinking of getting one pair too~

  8. heey :) ohh me too but my exams are in january and in june. Cool stuff :3

  9. I'm from indonesia (i'm mixed asian, mainly chinese/indonesian)! but i have lived almost my entire life in the netherlands~~

  10. you look so cute and much fresher with your new make up style :) good luck for the exams and your shop too! <3

  11. @s2danii: Teeeheee!

    @xixi: Ooo wow, cool! I was hoping to visit there someday! ^^

    @Dunia: Thank youuuuu! ^^ <3 <3

  12. Hello!^^ You have such a cute blog ^^ Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I'm following you back :D All the best for your exams, I'm quite busy with studies lately too T^T~ Omnomnom, the pancakes look delish! :D

    Come visit my blog again soon ^^ Would love to hear from you!

  13. @Lizzy Aww you're so sweet! Hehehehe, yesss I love your blog too! ^^. Thank youuuu~

  14. wow you are super pretty!!! Like a doll or ulzzang!! <33 ^_____^

  15. @Vyvy: Thank youuuu!! <3 <3 <3 Hehehe!

  16. Omg the kitty lens are so cute! How much is it?

  17. @Angeline Yes! Really cute! I'm selling them for one pair 25$ three pair for $23.50!


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