Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eye infection

I love my hair

Hello peeps! It's been a while! Misss mee? Hahahaha! I've been so super good girl, staying at home everyday. Even weekends. COOL? I'M GONNA DIE SOON. I NEEDA GO LIKE WINDOW SHOP OR SHOPPING... Hahaha. I need to get new eyelash glue & foundation. Waaah~ I'm finishing. And probably new lashes. >< .

And you know, recently, like Friday, I got eye infection. T.T . My eyes is as red as... I don't know. I only know I looked like alien. Hahahahahahahhahahaha. Alien eyes~ When I woke up in the morning, WOAAAAHHH, I can't open my eyes cause there's like thick crust of yellow discharge and causes my eyes to stick together. Argh. Hahahhaa, lucky it's not that serious... I finally recovered today.

So the moral of the story is... take care of your eyes, clean your hands and contact lenses well before wearing. Or you'll suffer like me. Join the red eyes group. KAKAKA.

Yes yes, I tried styling my hair and I think it looks great. I'll probably do a hair tutorial on thisss. Wakakakakkakakakakaa What do you think? ^^

Alright then, I'm ending my post here! Have a nice day!


  1. aaaw, poor girl... glad that you're better now :) you look so cute, i love your hair <3

  2. glad you're okay now x_x i get red eyes really easily

  3. @dunia kecil indi Hellooo! Thank youuu! <3 <3 ^^

    @Jodie I rarely get red eyes T.T But if I ever get infection, I'll be quite serious. T.T

  4. Saw your post on the Kogal Panel :] Thought we can bond over out love for gyaru~ So sorry about your eye infection :/ I'm glad you are better though. I got the same thing in only one eye but for some reason it was the brand of contacts I used so I had to switch (T-T)

  5. @Yuri Helloo Yuri-Chan! ^^. Thank youuu! Yess we can! Hahaha I loveee gyaru. Teeeheee. Eye infection is really troublesome. T.T

  6. Awh I'm glad you recovered from your eye infection <3
    Cute blog :3

  7. Eye irritation happens usually to those who wear contacts. I'm glad to hear you're okay now. Just be careful with your contacts next time and make sure to keep your hands and contacts clean.

    -Danny Collins

  8. I'm glad to hear that your fine now. Eye infections are the worst.


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