Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi my dearrr followers & readers! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

How's my makeup? This is a no theme makeup because I just anyhow made it up myself without any tutorial! Hahahahahaha! I spammed my sis's foundation because she's like 2 shades fairer than me. I somehow editted my eye colour. HAHAHA. Because I want a even scarier look. My friend told me that I look like Kuchisuke Onna.

And I think so too. Hahahahaa! I wans't trying to copy her but just pure coincident. Hahahhahaa! Cool right? Hmmm!
Well then! I hope you guys enjoy your halloween party! I couldn't enjoy mine due to my major exams. Poor me. My mum would have just kill me if I went out for party. Hehehehehhee. What do you think of my makeup? Leave me comment! Hehehhehe! 

Once again, Happy Halloween! :D :D


  1. probably the sweetest kuchisake onna I've ever seen XD~

  2. weirdly you still look so cute xD <3

  3. Wow that's so scary and amazing!!! Love it :)

  4. great!
    you still manage to look super sweet. ;)

  5. haha... looks really scary. great :P

  6. You look so cute! Sorry, but you don't look scary at all x.x

  7. Lol cool make up xD
    You still look adorable haha.

  8. You look really creepy, but cute too... How does that work?

  9. @Rindodo Ahhh, Hahahahahaha! Thank you. HAHAHA! I'm not creepy enough T.T Happy halloweeen!

    @Kiyomi Hahhaha! I'll work hard to not look cute the next time! Happy halloweeen!

    @Vyvy Thank youuuuuuuuu!! <3 <3 Happy halloweeen!

    @Lena Hehehehe, thank you! :D :D Happy halloweeen!

    @niwatori Kekeke, thank you! Happy halloweeen!

    @Tianwen ahahaha! I'll work hard to look scary! And thank you! Wo hui jia you de! Hahhaha!

    @Banny Thank you bannnny! <3 :p Happy halloweeen!

    @Nana Hahahaha thank you! Probably is my circle lens to get that dolly eye look. Hhahaa! Happy halloweeen!

  10. mMmY I DzIsSiaJ rOBimYy z mYy fRiIeNdS hallOwEn ajĆc ale cRaZY bęEdnZię xp

  11. U cho kawaii one! Kawaii scary baby doll!! Haha

  12. liking the makeup (:
    good luck with your exams..

    CMPang x

  13. @emo.basia.i.crazy.stasia: Sorry T.T, I don't understand youuu. ><

    @Charlene: Thankyou! Hahaha! You too!

    @Mai: Thank you! :D <3

  14. I love the look! happy halloween to you!

  15. Wow so scary! You look like a bruised doll. Amazing makeup though.

  16. I loooooooooove this. One of my favourite Blogger Halloween looks! I'd much rather dress up as something scary than cute for Halloween!

  17. Hi! :D I'm a new follower! I hope we can be friends! AND BTW, I find this look super sexy and scary at the same time. Haha :D

  18. @Stella: Thank you! Hehehehe!

    @Katherine Tealeaf: Thankssss! It's just a random makeup though! ><

    @Fee: Hellllooo! Thank youuu! Hehehehee.

    @Marion: Thanks for following me!! I'll followe you back! Hehehe! Come visit my blog again~


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