Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello people! Phew, today is supposed to be a public holiday! Hahaha, it's Deevapali. Hahaha. Well, thanks to this public holiday I have one more day to revise for my maths paper tomorrow. Phewww. I'm having Maths paper! Ahhh! I hate it! I hope I can pass. >< . My life depend on it...

Okayyy, let me talk about food today then. My dad made this yam cake. YUMMY! SUPER YUMMY. Kakakakakakkaa.

My sis then decided to make lunch for ussss. Chilli Tuna Pasta!

Won't be talking much about it! The photos do the job!

FYI, my family really love chilli. HEHEHE.

Yesss~ what I can say is, super delicious! Wooooo!

And now, let me show you my little brother.

Hehehe cute? Little Rusty boy is forever so cute. He's a happy boy~ Hahahahahaha.

Have a nice day people! ^^. Buahhhhhbyeee~ I wanna share a song with you guys! So nice. ><


  1. that food looked so gooood<3 rusty and you are so cute >.< ~

  2. wogh your are so cute >_<
    and the delicious food ^^

    aahh~ btw thanks for visit and comment my blog
    mind to follow too ? :)

  3. ohh ! yummy ! ;o
    great song <3

  4. Wow first picture is so cute!!! The food is delicious!

  5. mmm yummy looking food ^^ glad I had my breakfast already :D btw thanks for following my blog *HUG*~

  6. @niwatori: Hehehe, I'll ship some food for you!

    @kiyomi: Hehehe thank you girllll! ><

    @Miharu: Welcomeeee! I've followed you! :D

    @ankly: Yesss! Nice song right? I love shimizu shoto's songs!

    @Nana: Thankyouuu!!

    @Lina: Hehehe, welcome! ^^

  7. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog !

    You are so pretty and natural ♥

    Please come visit my blog again ;)

  8. you are superrr cute!! <33 and the dog is so adorable I want to cuddle it ^___^

  9. You're super pretty! ^^ and the pasta looks so yummy! :))

  10. You are so cute >w< and so is your blog!!! The food makes me hungry ^^ Yum~~~

    xoxo tifuani

  11. yummmmmmmmmmmmm your food pictures look amazing!! You've inspired me, I think I'll make this for lunch! ^^ Also, you are absolutely adorable and I am stunned by your beauty! *^-^*


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