Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outfit of the day. FUWAH.

Hi readers! I'm finally out for a walk. THANKS GOD, FINALLY. HAHAHAHA. Well, out with Lizzie, Sakae, and Gina today! Yuuuhuuu, finallly~.
We dined at some Indonesian stall at somerset. Awesomness yo.

And yeaaah, we went to window shop. Hahaha it's raining today. Love it. Hahahahaha.

And heres the outfit of the day:

Gina, cutie.
Sexy Sakae

Rock chic Lizzie

Hahah finally me. :p.
And I bought popteen today! I haven't read it yet! Too busy tonight! Hahaahahhahaa!

Alright then, I guess I'll be ending my post here ya? ^^. Bye~


  1. All the outfits look cute!
    The food looks so yummy xD
    Looks like you had a lot of fun <3

  2. @Banny Thank you! Yeahh! I had lots of fun today! It's been awhile since the last time I went out. ><

  3. Popteen is my favorite Jmagazine**!! approve it XD!

    your look it's really you like uzzlag style?^^

  4. Yayyy. Popteen is my favourite too. Hahaha. I love mizukitty. Thank youuuu. Yeah, I like ulzzang. I like gyaru as well. ^^

  5. Really love the outfits & everyone looked beautiful in them (:
    The food look reallllyyyyy yummy. They even got me hungry!


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