Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pink & Blue

Sup people. I was experimenting makeup today.. Haahahahaha! I was bored ya. I finished my maths revision. Phew... What do you thinkkk? I came out with this cute bright coloured eye makeup. Pink and blue. Good combination? Hahahaahha!
 I'll probably do a makeup tutorial on this(if I'm not lazy) ^^.

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  1. the colour combination is soo super pretty with brown eyes like yours! *-*
    especially with those lenses! I adore your lash-work o: haven't been good at using falsis lately, lol xD

    nice blog, by the way <3
    xoxo, Melody ^-^

  2. @Jodie Thank you~~ <3

    @Banny Thank youuuu you're cute too! ^^v

    @Laery Rose <3 <3 <3 ^^

    @Melody Heyyyy thanks! Am happy to hear that. Hahahhaa. As for lashes, I guess, you'll soon get used to it! ^^

  3. Awwhh this is so cute! It reminds me of Dolly Wink's Eyeshadow palette 0$ (Green/Pink) :) Hope to see more looks from you ^^

  4. You are so pretty <3 And I love your eye makeup! ^^

  5. @Bella Thank you! Hopefully I'll do more after my major exam!! ^^v

    @Lizzie Heehehehe, thank youuuu! You're pretty toooo! <3

  6. The colors look awesome~
    Ans yes I love jrock<33 Who are your favorite bands? :]

  7. @Yuri Hello Yuri! I super love gazette! ^^v. They're my favourite!

  8. It's seriously nice color combination! :)

  9. Super pretty eye makeup! Please do a tutorial :D
    Do you have a youtube channel of tutorials?

  10. @Minty: Yesss I did do makeup tutorial and have a youtube channel! But I removed most videos because I'm thinking of starting it over again! ^^! Stay tuneee! Hehehe!


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