Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shopping Spree(?)

Hihi how are you peopleee? Hehehehe. Went to meet my wife today~ Yayyy

We both went window shopping today~ Just keep walking around and around and around. Kekekekekekeke!

Yesterday I went for a shopping trip! Hahahha! I bought three pairs of shoes and one top! Kekekekekekeke.

It's so cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. These two shoes below are 2 pairs for $18. How cheap. Hahahhaa.

And I was gonna pay when I saw this shoes. It's super PWRETTYYYYYYYY!!!! So I asked how much they are selling this, They said $40. >< . And my mum asked if they can sell it cheaper. So they sold it for $33. It was the last pair and it's my size! So fated. So happy. Hahahahha!
It should be a brighter neon pink. It doesn't show up in photo~
 Yup, I also bought this $8 knitted crop top. Hahaha. Kekekeek.

Well, thats about it I guess!

I'll end with my pretty photo.

Kidding. It's not even pretty. HAHAHA. Goodnight!


  1. awww your sooo supercute <3 I want to hug you :3 hehehe
    love the top!! *-* totally something I would have bought, too! xD

  2. @Yessie @Melody Thanks girls! ^^ <3

  3. You're sooooo cute sweetie and I noticed you have Pusheen on your title! Pusheen is so cute! Nice haul btw! =)

  4. THank you!! Yesss Pusheen is super adorable!!

  5. awww the third pair of shoes are sooo cute!
    I love it :D


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