Friday, November 18, 2011

Bleaching & dyeing of hair!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii, sorry for taking so long to blog! >< . I'm busy lately.. Busy enjoying myself. HAHAH! And I just started my part time job today! It's just a few days job for some events! You know the Australian kids programme? Hi-5. Hahaha, yeah, they're coming to Singapore. HAHAHA.
THAT'S NOT THE POINT! I'm gonna talk about my journey for bleaching hair. Oh... it's a really tough one.
So, I actually decided to do it myself than going to salon which actually cost a BOMB. BOOOMzx.
I used Palty in Sparkling Blonde!

 And you actually can choose to leave it to either 15mins or 30mins for lighter colour. There's also english translation inside the guide booklet.
It comes with a shower cap too.. Kakaka, to make the bleaching more effective I guess!

HOWEVER, I FAILED TREMENDOUSLY.  THE COLOUR TURNS OUT TO BE A SUPER HARD GOLDEN ORANGEY YELLOWISH WEIRD COLOUR. ME NO LIKE IT. Hahahahahaha. Yeah, that's how bad it is. It doesn't even suit my skin tone and my sister keep laughing at me. -Angry-


My snoopy t-shirt.

I would rate Palty bleach a 3/5 because, it really is effective in bleaching compared to the other brand which I used before. But of course it does damage your hair. However it's not that expensive. It cost around SGD14? But the amount of dye given is very little. Even a middle hair length like me, needs two boxes! So if you ever wanna try palty, it's better to have two boxes if you have longer hair!

So, that's the saddest part of the story. ): . I look so hideous that I don't wanna go out until I get my hair done, and during that day, I'm having rashes, I took so much courage to step out of my house to see doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahhahaha.

Well, after that, in order to tone down my hair, I used Liese bubble foam dye in Platinum Beige! It's of a very ashy colour!

Ohoh, this dye is so fun. Hehehehehe. It's so easy to apply! It's as easy as washing your hair! Haahahha. And the foam really stays! So much fun. BUT THE AMMONIA IS VERY STRONG. >< . Stings my nose and eyes.
I rate liese 4/5! It's kinda pricey, but it's really easy to apply on yourself and it's so even! But it's actually dries my hair very much. @_@ But oh well, it's gooooooooooood!

Without flash.

With flash.
I can say, I really love the results of my hair colour. I really loveee ash coloured hair! Hehheehhee.


Oh before that! ^^ 
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  1. ohhh the ashy color is so CUTE! Love it ^^ I am going to dye my hair today.. time for my transformation hahah

  2. Beautiful hair color!!!! I wantto try those products for my hair, too!!!! >.<

  3. Really pretty colour =D Glad it turned out nice in the end ^_^

  4. Love your new haircolor ! <33

    To get rid of any orange-ness, use a purple/silver shampoo! It really helps a lot (but it does damage your hair a bit i read:/)

    Next time if you wanna dye it, you should just buy bleaching powder, developer and professional hairdye. It's cheaper and not really much different from buying a pack ^^

  5. That's a nice color on you! You look adorable, like always (: I can't wait to dye my hair when I come home from college. I was thinking of using Prettia since I heard bad things about Palty but maybe I'll try Liese instead ^^

  6. OMGGG I love your hair! I'm really looking for that ashy color but my hair still remain orange T_T you're so cuteee ~

  7. Wow the color turned out pretty good! : D : D You are good at dying!

  8. i am glad it turn out to be pretty light color!
    you look great with light colored hair, too.
    how does it feel, though? i am afraid it might damage my hair.

  9. It sucked that your hair turned out not so good the first time, but i like the end result!
    Your hair is very pretty that color!

  10. I LOVE how it turned out!!

    Did you put the bleach on your roots first? I know normally we dye our hair that way but with bleach you should start with your ends because the hair nearest to your root wont take long. Also, it would have taken a few more dyes before getting to that blond in the picture. I had to bleach my hair 3-4 times because I was the blond in my most recent photos! LONG PROCESS EH! Anyway, glad it turned out so well!!

  11. My cousin dyed her hair from black to blonde and it turned out orange too! XD But I;m glad you didn't go out, unlike my cousin and people were staring at her >.< Very embarrassing haha! I love your hair colour~ I wish I can dye mine O3O

  12. OMG yours looks really good! Some of my friends tried as well but it turned out quite weird. I'm planning to bleach/de=ye mine too but maybe a lighter colour :P

  13. Wowwww, so pretty!!! I love your new hair color :D
    Haha I love Liese too, I'm thinking about color my hair again, because now my hair color is uneven T__T

  14. Adorable! I would be so scared if my hair came out bad the first time, but it was good you were able to fix it! And it looks super nice. :D

  15. OMG!!! I'm in loveeeee So so so cute~~~ I wanna try the Liese hair dye~ Seems way more easier to colour my hair that way >w<

    xoxo tifuani

  16. Its awesome!!! I love da color and u look so cute!

  17. well i think that light hair really suits youu ;D and ahh i think that Palty hair dye is only good for doing the roots and not your whole hair > <.. kinda got the same effect as yours too and after one wash it totally faded to my old colour = =.. (had blondish-brown before) butt ohwell you look good hehe <3

  18. I want to try the liese platinum beige! How do you thnk it'd turn out without bleaching? I'm desperate to get rid of the red shade in my hair!

  19. Do you think Liese will cover my roots AND dye my already dyed hair?


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