Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY: Rainbow Nails

Oh wellll! I'm been home lately, due to somethings that go wrong with my hair... LONG STORY.

I'll do my hair post another day. T.T I'm sad.. But oh well, since I'm home, I've lots of time to do my nails! Hehehehhee.

Check out my rainbow nails! Hooray! Hahaha, I think I've lots of patience in doing this kinda of stuffs but not my studies. Hahahha! I took like a hour to do this with facebook and twitter in between~ But I think it's kinda plain, maybe I will add something on it when it dries completely.

BUT WHAT DO YOU THINKK? IS IT NAISE? Hahahhaahhaa. Please say yes... T.T

And my rashes are so itchy! I went to see doctor! But he said I had sensitive skin! I suspect is the natto that I ate. HAHAHAHHAA. So much for trying new food. HAHAHA, but it's okay, I'll try more weird food in the future.

And and, I'll definitely blog about my hair tomorrow! So please stay tune~ Hehehe <3

So here's some pictures when I went for the TOPSHOP event like last weekend. I didn't wanna blog about it since it's nothing much! But well, enjoy! ^^

This jacket is so cool! But I don't need it in Singapore. ><

Byebyeee! Signing off!

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  1. You look so cute as always <3 and your nails is so pretty <3 <3

  2. You look cute cute in your outfit! what kind of camera do you have. the lens is huge!

  3. Your nails!! O_O Love them so much!

  4. I hope your rashes hell up quickly!!

    You can buy the jacket and come visit Canada. :P:P I'm in the market for a new jacket, boo.

    Also, I am in love with the first pair of booties in this picture ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

  5. Im so inloved with your blog =.)
    i followed you already pretty!
    if you have time pls check my

  6. Your nails super cute!!! And I really wish I had your skin ^.^

  7. Very pretty nails!! So cute X3

  8. The nails look cute and so do the shoes :]

  9. pretty nail design!
    love those animal printed shoes. they look so great.

  10. Pretty nails ^__^ so cute and colourful!!

    Love topshop too, its my go-to shop here !!

    J <3

  11. I love the nails!
    Ahh so many cute shoes!

  12. the nails is supercute!! ^.^ i never know how to do my right hand though.. T__T

  13. Omg!!! I love your nails!!! So so so so cute <333
    and your studded shoes!!! Omg >w< Where did you get them??

    xoxo tifuani

  14. I love your rainbow nails =D! they are soo cool though lazy ppl like me will never have patience to try lol

    and the leopard print really attracts me >_<

  15. @cominica: Aww thank you sweetie! <3

    @Ken Thank you ken! I'm using Sony NEX-5! ^^

    @Marion: Heehhe thank you! I did it myself! :D

    @Missfeelo: Thank youuuu >< . It's healing I guess! Yeah, I would love to visit canadaaa! Leopard print boootiesss rocccksss.

    @purpleheiress: Thank youuu! I've followed you! <3

    @Vyvy: Thank you! Oh no.. you wouldn't wanna have my skin! I've lots of acne scarring. ><

    @Muimui: Thankyouuuuuuuuuu <3

    @Yuri: Thank you! Yess those shoes looks so fabbbbbbb!

    @Lena: Thank you! Yes, those shoes looks so pretty, but it's expensiveee. ><


    @@Banny Thank you bannny <333

    @Nana: Thank youuu nana-chan! I had hard time to do my right hand! I took really long to do it!!

    @tifuani: Helllooo! Thank youuuuuuu! <3 Hehehe, it's actually a christian louboutin inspired shoes! I got it in Singapore, City Plaza!

    @@Denise: tHAN OYUUUU! hEHEHEHE. Leopard prints are so pretty~

  16. your blog is so cute and you are so pretty! just followed you on twitter. couldn't find your google follow button... anyways, hope to visit again. cheers!


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