Friday, November 11, 2011

EYEMAZING vs DollyWink

Hi guys! ^^. I'm finally back for a quick update! Yay, I'm really happy that you guys joined my giveaways! Please come and join~~ ^^. I'll probably have 2nd prizes too! ^^
And first, I'm gonna do a quick and simple reviews on eyelashes. Or maybe, comparing eyelashes brand. So today, I'm gonna compare EYEMAZING with DollyWink. 

Well, as you know these are japanese gyaru lashes! 

Okay, so this is how normal eyemazing lashes looks like. It contains three pairs of lashes!

And this is how DOLLYWINK lashes looks like, 2 pairs in a box.

Okay, sorry, I'm using old pictures, hope you excuse me! ><

I'm not gonna do individual lash review, but an overall review!


It has very nice design for every series, and their lashes volumes and length varies! It cost slightly cheaper than DollyWink and have three pairs in a box! However, as compared to Dollywink, although both lashes designs are pretty much similar and nice, Dollywink is of better quality than Eyemazing. Eyemazing lashes, I feel that, it is less flexible than Dollywink. And the bones of the lash is not as soft as dollywink, thus it tends to poke my eyes, which can be quite irritating... It hurts my eyeeeeeeeee. >< But nevertheless, I love the designs!



As for Dollywink, it cost slightly more than Eyemazing and it only has two pairs in it. However, I would say, it's pretty much worth it after wearing it for such a long time! ^^. I personally loves very long lashes like dollywink. Dollywink lash would be very much longer than normal lash. And the best part is that, it is really flexible, the bone of the lash is soft as well, it fits eyes shape perfectly without irritation. And the material of their lash is realllllllllllllllllllllly soft. I was surprised when I got my first box of dollywink which is No.4, the yellow box above. 


Overall I guess both brands are lovely with their designs! ^^. But I was a little disappointed in Eyemazing material. Hehehhee. But afterall, it doesn't really matter! They are just false lashes afterall! But I hope today's post helps! Hehehehe! I'll sooon do a review on each lash that I bought! ^^.

Side track:

Ooooooh, I'm so sleepy right now. My exams are finally gonna over! Yayyyy, no more burdens for me! I met up with my group of friends and had lots of desserts and they are so freakin' yummmmy!

I feel so happy. It's been awhile since I ate such sweet desserts. hahaha, to be honest I'm not a big fan of sweet stuffs. But having it once in a while would probably brighten up your day. Hahahahaha! Alright then! I'm ending my post here! Have a goodnight people!


  1. Yay dollywink <333 ;) oh my gosh, dessert looks too YUMMY <3

  2. Wish I lived in Singapore. We don't have much Japanese cosmetics distributors here in the Philippines and those lashes are waaay too expensive in online shops. But they're really pretty and I'd like to try them out soon so I might consider buying them. I'll just close my eyes when paying so it won't hurt as much to see my money fly away from my purse so easily. Hihi. :) Thank you for this comparison! Hmm... I'm suddenly hungry for cake.

  3. I love DollyWink too, it has really long lashes ~~ btw you're so cute, like a little doll x3

  4. waah I've never tried eyemazing yet, but thanks for your review. I think I'll stick to dolly wink instead. harhar... thank you XD

  5. I wish I lived in sg! So i can buy lots of awesome products and eat yummy food <33 hahah

  6. your reviews help! :)
    i wanted to get eyemazing but now i am giving it a second thought. i want sturdy lashes if i am gonna pay that much. lol

  7. Thanks for the review :]
    The dessert looks amazing <3

  8. OMG those desserts look like they came from heaven *Q*...

  9. The lashes look really nice, Thanks for the review ^ ^ Yay sweets!

  10. Time for celebration when exams are done!!! hehe ^^

  11. Thanks for the review ^_^ I've been wondering about Eyemazing since I see them all the time in Japanese magazines O_O++ but I guess I will pass cuz I hate lashes that don't have flexible stem =T

    The desserts look amazing >.< hehe I love having sugar rushes... wahahahaha xD

  12. Thanks for the review I am still trying to figure out if I want to buy the dolly wink or eyemazing xD


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