Wednesday, November 2, 2011

False lashes.

Overdue picture. Hahaha.

It's been a whileee! I'm finally updating. Well, nothing interesting going on lately, because I'm still having my exam. This is taking too long to be over~

I guess I'll talk a little about eyelashes today! Hahaha! Well, I'm a big fan of false lashes since, I love Gyaru makeup.

Well, I did some online shopping lately, and I got myself some EYEMAZING false lash!

I reallly reallly reallly adore these lashes. IT'S TOO PRETTTYYY! ><. I don't bear to open them up to use too... Aigoo... I bought Amo X Pastel no.801. I find it pretty unique since it's brown. Ayamo x Rock series lash is not that bad either! Kekekeke. And also Mizukitty's Sweet Ribbon series. I thought the lashes would be too short for me. But surprisingly, not. Hahahaha! I can't wait to wear them soon! ^^. 

NOT FORGETTING, I LOVE DOLLY WINK LASHES TOO. HAHAHA. I got these quite sometime agooo, they've all been useddd. I'm thinking of getting more tho. And Dolly Wink is probably having some new designs of lashes too! I can't wait! >< 

I was hoping to get Mellish and Jewerich too. Kekekeke.I guess that's about it for lashes! Hahahha.

Well, thought I'm having my exams, I'm like seriously, not revising much. HAHAHA.

Guess what? I've been watching Korean drama. Hmmm. They're as good as Japanese drama~ Hehehehee. I just finished You're Beautiful. I guess I'm really slow.. And now I'm watching Heartstrings, and about to finish! I think I'm offically a fan girl of Yonghwa. Gosh, how charming can he beeee??!?!?!?!?!

I'm off to take a nap now! Byeeee readers! 


  1. aaaah lashes brings warm to my heart!!
    I'm a huge fans of it too!

    Hey i have a question, where did u buy the dolly magazine that comes with a free gift?
    DO u think it's still available?

  2. In my country is a small selection of false lashes :< Fortunately I have long natural eyelashes^^

  3. heeya, thanks for the comment, yeah I'm a halfie xD~ mixed with chinese though. I got interested in gyaru make up recently, pls post more FOTD with the eyelashes on ~~

  4. aahh false lashes are great ^_^
    I love the dollywink ones ~ but i dont have anymore >_<

  5. So many lashes! :O So jelly right now

  6. I Looooooooooooooooooooove You're Beautiful! I bought the DVD and got the pig-rabbit!! haha ^^ Heartstrings is a good one too. :)

  7. omg (i mean Aigoo..^-^;) they look amazing!
    can't wait to read your reviews on them.
    nice haul, Aki! :D

  8. Oooooh! Those lashes are lovely! I can't wait to see the reviews~ ^^

  9. wow I am jealous!! but I can't wait to see pics of you wearing these ^^ lovelove false lashes <3

  10. wa, how many lashes XD!!! thansk foryour sweet comment^^!


  11. I love those lashes too! :D I've been collecting lashes too..but they're too expensive! hahahaha :D

  12. I love lashes! I can't wait to see you wear them!

  13. Waaah! What amount of eyelashes! OwO!

    I would test Eyemazing lashes! They look so great! Specially Ayamo x Rock series *____* ♥

  14. I love Yonghwa<3 He is amazing. I am also watching Heartstrings but I still haven't finished it :[ You're Beautiful is one of my favorite dramas. I also have a thing for Lee Hongki<3

  15. definitely envy your lashes haul!! *Q*
    I want try those mizukitty series so damn muchh <3 <3


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