Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Grand Slam Flea Market

Hey dear readers, I'm bring a good news to you guys, especially Singaporeans or any residents living in Singapore! ^^.

Do you love flea market? Hell yeahhhhhhhh, who don't?! This is the best place to find the cheapest deal. Or probably, you would wanna earn some $$$$$ for your new year clothing? Yessss, it's a good news for you. Yes, that's right. Hahahaha. Time to do some new year shopping for our early Chinese New Year next year~

Well, yeah, there'll be a flea, the first ever flea project launched by Scoop! (http://www.scoopsg.com/)! Check their website out, they will bring you lots of flea! ^^. I'm excited about it too. ^^

The Grand Slam Flea Market will be held on the:

Date: 14 January 2012
Venue: F1 Pit Building 
Rent a booth @ $50! 2 chair and 1 table included!

Excited?! Don't worry about not having any business! There'll be huge crowd since it is also a training day for the Chingay Parade! I'm sure lots of youngsters like me will be there!
For more information,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=284524038246151
Website: http://www.scoopsg.com/
 Email: scoop@hotmail.sg


Alright, back to blogging yoooozx,
 I've just came home from airport after sending my friend off! ^^.
Still can't get over my hair colour... HAHAHA.

Will be blogging more about the stuffs I got recently tomorrow, so stay tune and bye~ <3


  1. @Kiyomi Hehehe, arigatou Kiyomi-chan! <3 <3. You're cute too! ^^

  2. Waaah! Such beautiful color hair!! ♥ ______ ♥

  3. damn! your so cuteeeee, i love yourr hair colourr :D <3

  4. Looking forward to your post tomorrow ^o^

  5. Naaaaahhh, you look sooo CUTEEEEE too!!! LOL, hey I really love your hair color :* XD

  6. Awww I wish I could visit one day ~____~

    You are seriously perfection such a beautiful smile! ♥

  7. aww, i love your hair color. so dolly :) i just dye my hair too, btw :)

  8. This hair colour suits you really well ! Your face is adorable =)

  9. What do you do that you've got so beautiful and clean skin?
    My is terrible :c


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