Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hi guys! >< . I've wanting to blog lately, but my work seems to be really busy. @_@ . Oh boy... my throat isn't very comfortable as well. Kinda sick.

But oh well.. I really wanna blog about something interesting but I guess, I didn't have the time to do so.
! SO WAIT FOR ME OKAY? I'll go buy it once I get my pay! Hahhahahaha. $$$$$$$$$$$$ Kekekekekkekekekekekekeke. And my hair roots are growinggggggggggg. I see black hair. @_@
I'm gonna redye my hair soon too! ^^

Will updare you  soon~


  1. feel better soon, sweetie.
    your eyes look really pretty. are those kirakira brown by any chance? :)

  2. I hope you feel better soon ;D

  3. smile! :) you are so cute >w<♥

  4. Drink loads of water :D Get well soon~
    Your hair grows so quick >.<!

  5. Get better soon~!! Get lots of rest! It's sad when I see my roots growing out >< But I love your hair colour! Gotta maintain it <3

  6. Ugh I feel your pain! It's been 1,5 week and I can see black rooooots =_=

  7. get well soon!!! <3

    your picture is soooo cute :D


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