Friday, November 4, 2011

RMK Workshop

 Wassup people! I didn't sleep since 12am and now is 10pm. Going to be 24h without sleeping soon. Awesomeness.... I'm about to die.

Well anyway, I went to RMK Workshop with my sister today. It's about skin care routine using their skincare products and also makeup lesson by Akinobu Nishimura, makeup artist trained by Rumiko I think? Hahaha.

So, their latest makeup products would be their Christmas palette collaboration with Kate Spade.

Here here. The gold and silver pouch are Kate Spade's.

Akinobu Nishimura is actually quite handsome. Kekekekke @_@. And I thought he was a you know, gay. Hahahaha, but not. Okok. :P . I took a picture with him! But not gonna post. I look like shit. LOL.

So, he taught us very simple makeup for Christmas party, using the colours in the palette.

So Mr Nishimura would be walking around, then he will feel your skin texture and can actually tell which skin products you should use, which foundation colour, concealer and also makeup base. It's like 'Woah' Super professional.

So this is what he wrote. You'll be given a piece of paper, listing down what suits your skin.

And the colour he choose fits me perfectly. Hahahaha. Their makeup base actually set a smooth base for your face, minimizing pores. I used their cream foundation and it's pretty good! Its really easy to apply, like very easy to spread and fits my skin perfectly. And their concealer really conceal very well, plus he used it for highlights.

I would definitely save up money and get their cream foundation man! I believe it's not cheap!

So coming to the eye makeup part, it's really basic kinda makeup, he just uses the colours in the palette. I picked brown. It's really simple. And I think the eyeshadow colours are niceeeeeee. Their mascara is like good too. It separates my eyelashes very well. Kekeke, I think their products really not bad.

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Simplest makeup ever. Hahahaha. You can't really see the colours of my eyeshadow in the picture because it's too bright. In real life it looked really niceee. The brown and their gold shimmer @_@ :D
And here's the goodies for today... Those small things on the right side are door gifts. ^^.

Well, that's it for today's post! ^^. Hope you enjoyed! Bye~ I'm off to sleep now.

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  1. your skin looks so nice! the look is very natural looking and refreshing :)

  2. you're truly a cutey! I love the selca <33

  3. That's really exciting! I'd love to do something like that!

    Door gifts are so fun.. lol Looks like you got some neat stuff!

  4. omg! you have the babiest baby face! who needs makeup if you have that?! ;p

  5. liking the contact lens,^^ sounds exciting,,
    btw, i not japanese, im BBC..
    i tagged you in a best blog award

    CMPang x

  6. ooo thats a really pretty palette ^_^ - may need to invest!

    Thanks for the follow back too :)


  7. The palette is really natural! You look so cute! : D You don't need make up!

  8. you look so cuteee, RMK palette! I really want to try one >.<

    btw I live in Indonesia :)

  9. It's kinda different from the usual mak eup u did. But both way...u're awesome!!

  10. 24h without sleeping!! aww I know how you feel!! It's like dying in nowhere! xD

    I love that palette!! It has many things!! *o* And you're sooo cute!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hihi :D

    Thank you for following me on Twitter I followed you back :D Wow! You must be freaking tired I can never last that long without sleep :P You look cute and pretty in simple makeup. Wow Mr Nishimura is a genius. Wish he could tell me which skin products I should use :P That would be super convenient :P

    have a nice day!


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