Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One day trip to Malaysia, Johor Bahru!

Picture taken after a long, tiring and fun day at Johor Bahru~
Happy to see you guys again~ I my part time job is over and it's time to relax! Hehehe! I went to Malaysia, Johor Bahru yesterday! If you don't know, Singapore and Malaysia is really neaaar near near. Just by taking a bus you'll be able to reach. ^^.

Anyway I went there with three other friends! Some were friends I met at my part time job. ^^.

AND IT'S BEEN A LONG LONG TIME SINCE THE LAST TIME I WENT~ Here's some pictures. Sorry for the crappy quality because I didn't bring camera along, so I used my phone to take.

KSL is a new mall that recently opened this year. ^^. We went there to do our manicure, pedicure, etccc! And some shopping! I'll show you some goods later on! 

And just outside the mall, there's street stalls! They're selling foooods Yumzx.

We had Penang Laksa! Yayyy, it's so yummy and reallly cheap. 3.50RM. Which is around $1.50SGD? Wow.

And inside the mall we saw this really cute drink, and it's super yummy. They are fruit tea! Apple+Passionfruit tea, Guave tea, Lemon tea, etc. The packaging is reaaaal cute! ><

And ta daaa we went to do manicure and pedicureee. I did nail art only! While my other three friends did treatment and stufff~ Check out our nails! 

Miss Moomoo. This is my nail! ^^
 In between, we went to buy some snacks to eatttt. And there's this shop called Borbie Cheese Potato. AND THE POTATO IS REAL YUMMZX WITH THE CHEESE SAUCE ON!
Borbie Special~
I had Borbie Beef Pepperoni!
After shopping for a long long long day, we finally went to eat our dinner. And Malaysia's seafood is the best~ We went to this eating place which is really old and dirty, but the food there is really yummy. I went there for dinner everytime I visit JB with my family. ^^. 

If you ever go malaysia or anything try this drink called Ba Long Long. HAHAHAA. Funny name but it taste good. It's some green small fruit which somehow tasted like apple. ^^. And we ordered a freaking hugeeeee cup.
Love my hair colour here. ^^

Our yummy dinner~
 Yup, and that's about it!

Now time to show you some goods that I bought~

Some cute Samsung Galaxy S2 cover for 18.90RM each. Cheap cheap~ RILAKKUMA TOO. HAHAHA.

Cute teddy bear cardigan. Most of the stores at KSL are selling their clothes at 2 for 50RM. Yeah, cheapp~

Blue sailor top!
And an oversized cute rabbit long sleeve top!

On my way back to the checkpoint, I saw this okay, not authentic Monster cap. But it's leopard print! So smexyy~ Loved it very much so I bought it! ^^.
I think that's about it! I think I spend lots of money on enjoying, eating and shopping~

AND LASTLY, LET ME SHOW YOU MY NAILS AGAIN! If you notice my pinky, it's actually the butt of my moomoo. ^^

Have a nice day people! <3


  1. wahh looks sooo fun!! I especially like the bottles design, the clothes you got (especially the bunny oversized one), and the nails! suppperrrr cute!

  2. The sailor top and S2 cases are so cute! I'm in love with my S2 as well haha :)

  3. OMG, Laksaaaaaaaaaaaa ! My favourite nomz. Oh btw, welcome to Malaysia! xD I want to go to SG so badly, but everytime I went to my grandpa's house at Johor we always don't have enough time to go T_T

  4. Looks like you had a great time!
    The food looks so yummy !
    And omg your nailsssss<3333!

  5. Great nails!!!
    your new clothes are really cute and I really like the rilakkuma phonecases ♥
    Seems that you had a great time!
    Thanks for following me :)

  6. I like the rabbit top! And your nails are so cute! *3*

  7. yay Malaysia!!
    I was there last year ~ I love it, everything is so cheap haha. I want to go back to see my family but its expensive for me T_T

    J <3

  8. I remember going to Malaysia and Singapore together years ago but I never knew they were this close heheh~ My geography sucks >w<
    The rabbit top is so cuteee~! *w*
    And your nails looks fab here~ ^_^

  9. :( I wish I could go to Malaysia. The nail designs are sooooooooooo cute! ^^

  10. Wahh so fun~~ I would like to travel there one day! And your moomoo nails are so cute :3

    xoxo tifuani

  11. I love your moo moo nail~~~ >w<, aww I miss Malaysia too, I love going to genting :D

  12. you must be had a great time :)) the foods look so yummy, i love the bottle drink, so 60's! hehehe :) u look great as always, and u bought many cute stuffs <3

  13. I love the cow nails. So cute. :)


  14. waaaauw ! looks so lovely and the stuff you bough too ! I am going to malaysia in the summer ~ :DDD

  15. ..,you look so kawaii!
    I SO LOVE YOUR BLOG! (^_^)

  16. Hi,

    Did u buy your rilakuma S2 cover from KSL city?

    How long ago did u bought it?

    Email to willywhale87@hotmail.com

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. i love tea! they need to introduce those drinks in your picture in my country! xD

    the miss moomoo nails are very cute xD i'd try that once :D

  18. i love ur moomoo nails, it is so cute >////<
    and i download ur moomoo pic, lol
    wanna try to make it .. hope u dont mind :DD
    i'm newbie and i just try to make my own blog, and so much fun here
    nice to meet u ^^

  19. cute nails! Btw how come you got those cases so cheap?! Even plain ones in KL are like 20+ =_=

  20. Hey, wanna ask how do you travel to JB from Singapore? U take a coach or? & erm, wheres the makan place that u always go when u are w ur family members?

    1. Hihi! I took public bus to the checkpoint! Very easy to go. Coach also can. The makan place, the only thing I remember is it's called Taman Sentosa. Just have to describe the hawker to be very old and run down, taxi drivers probably know.


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