Sunday, January 29, 2012

More new stuffs.

Time sure pass fast! January is coming to an end soon~ Here's some stuffs I got and I forgot to actually blog about it! Hahahaa Pffffft my hair faded back into blonde. TADAAA. Hahaha!

Did you guys know Mr Brocoy got a new frienddd? Her name is Miss Strawyy~ Hahahaha!

Got myself a hot pink G-Shock watch. CUTE ISN'T ITTTT. Actually I don't have the habit to wear watch. But you know why I got this? Because my siblings and cousin all got one. I needa join in their G-Shock gang.

Not all watches are there tho! 

And I got this LoveMore Kiwi Acnes All Out Set! Seems pretty cool! Will be doing a review on this soon! ^_^

And some accessories! 

And and my mummy bought me this dress! 

 Okay, honestly this is a super nice piece of pink dress. But I think it doesn't look good in photo here cause I couldn't get anyone to take it for me. HAHAHA. I look like I'm just wrapping a piece of pink towel here. HAHAHA.

 And my sis bought me this!
Yayyy, I guess that's about it! Those dresses are so prettyyyyy~ Yayyy I got lots of new dresses this year! Happy happy~

And yesterday, I went to my friend, Gina's house! Hehhehehe, some pictures! ^_^

Gina's bf totally blend in and look kawaii with us.

And oh, I'm having another giveaway soon! STAY TUNEEE!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

CNY day 2&3 / Baking of pineapple tarts


I think I look kinda creepy here. But oh well. Hahaha the only nice photo I got for Day 2 of CNY. So basically, day 2 I went to my friend's house to 拜年(to pay a new year call). Hahaha since cny should be all about that. Hehehe. Sooo again... -spam food pics-

Her mummy cook yummy foods~ ^_^

Yup, and me and my friends were like sitting around, eating snacks play cards and stuff.
AND THEN BACK HOME. OMG. MORE FOOD?  My dad sure cook alot. >< . Freaking yummy food. Cereal prawns, fish head with tomato sauce, abalone, etc etc... gosh.

Seriously, CNY is fun. But.. it's kinda scary because of the amount of food you're gonna eat. LOL. Hard to resist. LOL.


Curled the ends of my hair.
Well, again went to 拜年(to pay a new year call) at my friend's house again~~~~~~

I hate to say this, but really CNY is all about eating. LOL.


Foods again. This is crazy alot. Hahahahahhaa. ^_^ But still oh well...........

After our eating sessions, we gamble... HAHAHAH. Blackjack. Today sure is not my day. I kept losing money. @_@ I'M NOT GONNA PLAY Blackjack anymore! Hmph.

Oh well. I guess that's about it!


Hiiii, so few days before cny I was trying to help out my sis with the baking of pineapple tarts. Hahahaha. Cny, need many cny goodies ya. Hahaha. I guess I'll let pictures do the talking! ><

And honestly, after this post, I'm gonna stop posting photos of food for awhile and start going back to my beauty stuffs. Gosh. I'm sick of foods... I needa start jogging and back to my dancing tmr. ^_^

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year Day 1 & New nails~

Hi people! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARRRRRRRRRRR. Hahahahaa! ^_^ Here's some self shot pictures. :P I tried curling my hair today. Wellll, didn't really dress up much since I'm only at home!

Had cousins and friends came over~ And again, we had steamboat and others yummy food. I DIDN'T UPLOAD THE PICTURES. But I'll just play cheat and use the photos from yesterday's reunion dinner. Heh. Once again to tempt you guys with yummy foood...

Even Rusty boy is having his dinner with us. HAHAHA.

And my BFFs came overrrrr~ Yayyy. Hahahahaa. I was bullied by them. I got pushed and kicked by someone... LOLOLOL. Gang bang? Kidddinggg. Heeeh.

I helped them to paint their nails! I forgot to take a picture. >< I guess I'll do it the next time! Hehehehehe!

My nails~ Leopard prints again! Hahahahahhaha.

I guess that's all for now! More post coming up very sooon! Seee yaaaa! ^_^

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mini room tour: My cosy corner

Hi guys! I was cleaning my room just now and I thought maybe I should do a mini room tour. Like a really mini one. ^_^ Well, I would loveee loveee loveee to share with you my little cosy area, where I blog, makeup and stuffs like that. Heheheheh.

Just changed a new cuteee curtain! ^_^
And tadahhh this is my messy book shelf! And you saw my laptop? It's like in between somewhere there... HAHAHAHAH. You must be thinking like why the hell don't I just get a table and use my laptop there. But honestly, I like it like this. SO NICEEE. LIKE LAPTOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHELF. LOL.  

Some pictures~


And this is what I put in my drawer. Like lashes, makeup stuffs, masks, etc.

Actually nothing much interesting! Just some random stuffs in there... And if you notice, I got lots of red stuffs. Even my lappy is red. I loveee reddddddddd.

Hmmm I guess that's about it! Heh, have a good day people~

And today is CNY eve! I'm having my reunion dinner! ^_^

Really, no joke. I'm gonna explode. TOO FULL!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR PEOPLE! ^_^ 恭喜发财! 红包拿来。。 :p

For the upcoming post, I'll probably blog about baking of pineapple tarts or maybe photo editing tutorial? ^_^ Or maybe more about CNY. FOOOOOD PEOPLE! :D