Sunday, January 29, 2012

More new stuffs.

Time sure pass fast! January is coming to an end soon~ Here's some stuffs I got and I forgot to actually blog about it! Hahahaa Pffffft my hair faded back into blonde. TADAAA. Hahaha!

Did you guys know Mr Brocoy got a new frienddd? Her name is Miss Strawyy~ Hahahaha!

Got myself a hot pink G-Shock watch. CUTE ISN'T ITTTT. Actually I don't have the habit to wear watch. But you know why I got this? Because my siblings and cousin all got one. I needa join in their G-Shock gang.

Not all watches are there tho! 

And I got this LoveMore Kiwi Acnes All Out Set! Seems pretty cool! Will be doing a review on this soon! ^_^

And some accessories! 

And and my mummy bought me this dress! 

 Okay, honestly this is a super nice piece of pink dress. But I think it doesn't look good in photo here cause I couldn't get anyone to take it for me. HAHAHA. I look like I'm just wrapping a piece of pink towel here. HAHAHA.

 And my sis bought me this!
Yayyy, I guess that's about it! Those dresses are so prettyyyyy~ Yayyy I got lots of new dresses this year! Happy happy~

And yesterday, I went to my friend, Gina's house! Hehhehehe, some pictures! ^_^

Gina's bf totally blend in and look kawaii with us.

And oh, I'm having another giveaway soon! STAY TUNEEE!


  1. I love Miss Strawyy! HAHAHHA
    One kiss <3

  2. your new dresses are fab! you mom has great taste. ;)
    and love the furry slippers with claws. lol

  3. Miss Strawberry ♥ I also have this IKEA plushi, it's sooo cute!!! Your outfit of yesterday is soo pretty!!
    Have a nice week

  4. you are so cute <3 love the first picture ^^

  5. The dresses are cute! And so are the hluse slippers xD I just bought a dress too, but I need MORE haha

  6. such a cute stuff you got..
    i love that pink dress too

  7. Cute photos XD!
    Haha, I keep forgetting to wear my watch too >w< But I have a really ugly one o3o

  8. You hair looks like a really light brown to me haha! >o<!
    Will be looking forward to your review~ :3
    The dresses are so cute~! My family never buys me dresses, because they probably think I'm not the 'type of person' who would wear them DX!

  9. Great buys! I love the pink dress so cute!

  10. Aww! I think Ikea's dolls are very cute! Some frogs that I've got are from there and I really love them ^_____^ /

    I like the leopard dress! It's sexy!! x)

  11. Cute~ Mr Brocoy & Miss Strawy! ^u^
    Ooh! G-Shock watches seem really cool!
    ( But I also don't really wear watches ^3^ )
    The dresses are really cute and nice! ^^

    Please follow my blog!
    ( )

  12. Omg cute gshock watch!!! I really wanna buy a gshock but they are so expensive *~* Gotta save up~~~ and your outfits are so cute >w< and that bear house slippers SO CUTE!!! hehe :3

    xoxo tifuani

  13. Aww such cute pictures in the end!
    Especially with the digital ice cream lol
    Love the leopard dress. Very classy.

  14. nice stuff you got there ^_^~ hwaiting on your kiwiacne set review..^_^~

  15. Super lovely blog!


  16. The dresses are super cute on you :)

  17. sooo jealous of all you got!! and your hair faded but it still look soo cute <3

  18. The dresses are amazing Aki! :D Love them!

  19. for me too;) Can Show off the e-mail?

  20. You're very pretty~ ^_^ I love ur bear slippers btw~ <3

  21. I like all the dress you got but the one your sister got you is my favourite! Though I imagine the pink one does look really pretty too!

    I hope you continue to grow you vegetable and fruit family. >< I love seeing them! haha

  22. hahaha, funny pictures with your friends :D i love your baby g :))


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