Sunday, February 26, 2012

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3

Hi guys! Well, yesterday was a fun day for me. ^_^ SDD vol.3! Yayyyy. Hehehe. This is the first time I joined a competition! Good experience. We didn't get into finals, but it's alright~ Every competitors out there were so gooooood! Hella good! ^_^ Everybody were so awesome! Yayyy.

Just look at the crowd! The whole auditorium was full!

Okay, enuff said!

Here's a video as promised! I'm the 3rd  to start btw! ^_^

Enjoy! Any criticisms are welcome!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Polka Dots

Been awhile guys! As usual, busy with dancing. ^_^ And finally, tomorrow is my competition. All the best to me, and hopefully my group can get into finals. But this is a pretty big competition. I guess, it's okay even if we don't get it, as long as we know we try our best! So yup, I'm quite nervous for tomorrow.

My nail. Hahaha! Cute huh?! ^_^

So one day I was on the way to my dance pract and I was in the train, hugging my bag pack, holding my phone and just stare at it...


Check out the ●____● family.

I think I'm attracted to cartoon characters with blank look like them. ●_● ●_● ●_● ●_● 。 SO CUTE

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Soooo my next post will most likely be about my photoshoot which I had just now~ Hopefully I can get the photos soon so that I can edit... HEHEHEHEHEHEHE.STAY TUNE GUYS!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Denim Vest & New Stuffs

Hi thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm sooooo tired lately. Well as I've mentioned previously, I'm practicing hard for my  upcoming performance and competition for dance!

And today is my performance dayyyyyyyyyy. Omo... Ok... I wouldn't say it's that good. Hehee and I don't think I am allow to post up the video yet, because my competition is not over yet! I'll upload a video soon if possible! ^_^

Enough talking, here's some new clothes I got! Yayyy

A cute denim vest! I never got a vest before! Hmmm, I got it from Bugis Street at $39.90. Okay it's not cheap, I know. >< 

And here's a very girlie mini dress! ^_^ Loving the peter pan collar. I got it for $10 from Chinatown! ^_^ 

$10 as wellll from Chinatown! 

This shorts is definitely super cute! I got it for $10 too. Hahahhahhaa.


Rusty so cute... ><


As mentioned earlier I had performance today with my friends! Hehehe, and after that Lizzie came my house to chill~ Hell yeah.. She sure love to rape my foods. Hahahahaha!

And we watched movie!

It's Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu! Omg, this is my 2nd time watching this... And it's still so sad......... T.T I FEEL LIKE CRYING JUST WATCHING IT. As good as Koizora!

If you actually wanna make yourself cry, just watch this movie online. T.T Just search Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu at! Heheheheeeee.


I am a Jrock fan btw. ^_^ Especially gazette, miyavi and vamps. Here's some nice songs! Hehehhe. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Anna Sui Spring Collection 2012

Hihiii went to Anna Sui's workshop with my sis the other day! They released their Spring collection stuffs! ^_^ 

Tadaaa their new cheek colour. Super cuteeee. I love the purple one especially! 

And their new liquid liner in black, blue and brown! ^_^ 

OHhhh and also their limited edition lip gloss! I mad love the one in orange! Which is 03. I got my sis to buy that. SOOO PRETTTTYYY~ ^_^ It's a double sided gloss. One is the gloss while the other side is shine. ^_^ Pretty pretty colours~ 

Mad love anna sui's packaging. So cute! ><

And yesterday Rusty boy went grooming. Oh gosh, I can't get over how cute he look.


Hehehe and don't forget to join my giveaway! ^_^

I tried making a gif! Hehehehe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm back~ Now that CNY is over...

Hey guys! I'm pretty sure my blog is pretty dead... I've been soooooooooo busy! Sososososo busy! ><

Busy with what? Let me show you some pictures! ^_^

 Yupz, I'm finally back to dance. Just to let you guys know me a little bit more. Hehehe. I started dancing since 13. Kakaka and I stopped for almost a year. And I decided to get back on track and start practicing hard, joining more dance battles, and such. ^_^ Been busy preparing for my upcoming performance and competition! All the best to me! :D

Went dining with mummy the other day. Hehehe. <3 <3 <3  FOODPORN.


My recent nail~

And a very random picture of my aunt's cat. Hahahaha. Lazy girl. 

And I took a super nice picture of my friend, not really a friend, more like my umma if you know what that means. Hahahaha.

I'm a good photographer don't you think? Hehehehe.

I'm ending my post here! Will be blogging about some new clothes I bought! And don't forget to join my lens giveaway! For links, check out my side bar on the right side~ ^_^

I really wanna leave comments on some of your blogs.. but I'm so busy and so tired now... >< SEE YOU SOON! I hope I won't go MIA again.

Hey guys! I'm pretty sure my blog is pretty dead.