Sunday, February 26, 2012

Singapore Dance Delight Vol.3

Hi guys! Well, yesterday was a fun day for me. ^_^ SDD vol.3! Yayyyy. Hehehe. This is the first time I joined a competition! Good experience. We didn't get into finals, but it's alright~ Every competitors out there were so gooooood! Hella good! ^_^ Everybody were so awesome! Yayyy.

Just look at the crowd! The whole auditorium was full!

Okay, enuff said!

Here's a video as promised! I'm the 3rd  to start btw! ^_^

Enjoy! Any criticisms are welcome!


  1. cool :D must be fun to dance for so many ppl !

  2. Really great! You must be very nervous before the dance, right?! So many people, wow!
    Have a nice day.

  3. oh my God, you are so awesome!
    i wish i could see this in a bigger screen. awesome job, Aki!

  4. woooow you are sooo good *-* Never thought you can dance like this! Awesome <3

  5. Nice :D It was great to watch you dance ^^ (I realized that watching your arms dancing was awesome, but your legs were somewhat slow and boring... don't mean to offend you, but you said you are open for criticism ^^) Still altogether it was a great performance and it's a pity you haven't made it to the finals! Keep up your hard work, you definitely are a pretty good dancer :D


  6. I swear your arms were moving at the speed of light! XD You dance so well! I'm so jelly >o<

  7. I still think your team's choreography to the music was excellent! You had different variations but anyways work hard and hopefully you will win next time :D

  8. I thought 2nd was you lols Hey, it's just your first time. You'll have better luck next time!

  9. WOAH!!!!!!! KRUMPING AND WAACKING!!!!! I LOVE!!!!!! <3
    So long nv dance with you all already! =(

  10. wahh, you guys are amazing~! just found your blog and following now (: x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  11. dangg girl! didn't know you can dance like that!! I used to dance too T_T (not as good as you XD) keep it up!!!

    By the way I gave you a blog award ^_^

  12. OMG this is amazing!!!! Don't you love the process of these things even if you don't win? The whole experience is always so fun (I used to do these a lot too).

    YOU HAVE AMAZING DANCE SKILL!!! you guys seriously looked amazing. I think the only thing I would advise is practice more so you'll be a bit more in sync but you all definitely had mad skill.

  13. Wow, just wow ;w;
    You're amazing dancer! I would love to know how to dance like that ;____;
    How long have you been dancing?
    *bow* ♥: Mihashi

  14. YOU ARE SO COOL! OMGGGGGG You look cute, but when you dance you're so cool! I love ittt <3 <3 <3


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