Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My new loots.

 Hey guys! ^_^ How have you been?! I'm so lazy to update my blog lately! 
Few days back, I went shopping spree with my mummy. One thing good about going out with mummy is that I can get lotsa stuffs! Yayyy! I love my mum! <3 ^_^


I got this from Isetan at $49.90 I not sure what brand it is, I only know that it is imported from Japan! Super cute furry bag! @___________@ Love it~

Went pass a shop and they are selling their clothes real cheap. Like, 1 for $15, 3 for $30 and 5 for $40. HAHAHA. Cool~ 

So, I bought three! One shorts, one top and one cardigan. Yayyy~

And got this long dress for $28. So pretttty! I wanted the one in red, but mum said that I look better in this light beige colour.
2 collars at $5 each! ^_^
FYI, I got all these from City Plaza! ^_^

And yesterday, i got bitten by Rusty. ): My pet dog. T.T 

Sharing the pain.... HAHAHAHA

Alright then! I'll be ending my post here! See you again~

Friday, March 23, 2012

Daily Makeup Essentials

 HIHIHI. I'm gonna show you some of the makeup products that I use all the time for my daily makeup! (as requested!) If there's any request for me to blog about, do let me know thru my formspring at the right side or just leave a comment! ^___^

 Makeup base/Primer:
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 On the left side, it's Anna Sui Moisture Rich Foundation Primer. I really like the moisturizing effect, because sometimes, my skin tends to peel @_@ so it kinda helps. But lasting wise, not quite!

My favourite primer is the SEPHORA anti-shine primer! IT'S DA BESSSTTT. Hahahaha. Because I've got really oily skin. It could last up to 8hours make my skin really matte! ^___^

I've got two favourite liquid foundation at the moment! First would be Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum in Light Vanilla! It's daaa bessssstttt. This foundation is so light and it gives middle coverage. One thing is that, it's soooooo easy to spread it on your face. Almost effortless. It leaves a dewy finish! I've seen lots of good review on it and yup, I really like it.

Another would be Anna Sui Moisturing Fluid Foundation in B02. This is super moisturizing and it also gives a sheer medium coverage. Very light and easy to blend as well!

And as for finishing, I would be using The Body Shop mineral powder! 

As for blush, I'm always using SEPHORA's Blush me in Rose Rebelle. The pink is soooo cute ^_^.

I often contour my nose, so I got this benefit HOOLA shading powder from my sister! ^_^ 

My all time favourite eyeshadow would be Majolica Majorca's Jeweling eyes palette from 2011 Spring Collection in Caramelisse BR631. I reaaallllly love it because it's so shimmery and nice! I thought I should do a swatch on this but I suck at taking macro photos. hHAHAH.

Another would be Holica Holica's Face 2 Change palette, which I got as a gift from my friend. It's pretty much a shimmer eyeshadow palette which i usually use for my inner eye corner. ^_^ 


My favourite eyeliner would be Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner!  I love it because, it's so easy to control and it's really long lasting. For at least, it doesn't smudge after a long day! ^_^

 My Mascara is from Majolica Majorca, Lash Expander Frame Plus. One thing about this mascara is that, it's supppperrrrr waterproof and smudge proof. You would need a super good eye remover to remove it at the end of the day which is kind of troublesome, but it's keeps my lash curled and lengthened!

I'm using Anna Sui's Eyebrow Powder in I don't know which shade it issss. hAHAHHA! 


Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet
Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude
Eyemazing No.303
Eyemazing No.302

HAHHA, I'm gonna end my post here! So sorry for the abrupt ending... because I'm a super lazy blogger. T.T


Super nice photo taken by my bff, Gina.
 Preview of my next post: My New Cheap Loots!

Friday, March 16, 2012



Hi guys, I haven't been updating blog as often as before. Because, really, my life is pretty boring. I stopped shopping for awhile, and nothing interesting is in my shopping list.

And Singapore's weather is mad crazy. It's been raining and a few days, and suddenly it became so hot.

I am seriously getting sick and feverish. T.T Took some panadol and hoping it would quickly take effect.

 What's more, and there my eye infection come again. I believe I should stop wearing lenses for a period of time to let my eyes rest. ):

People, do take care of your eyes else, you'll end up like me! But well, I just want to be pretty. (:

Next post, I'll be blogging about the makeup products I use for my daily makeup. {:

And here's a last photo.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Chilling. & Nails

Two of them have really nice nose. *___*

Just a quick update on my blog! *______* Just yesterday, had a mini catch up with my darling girls. Heheh. But we're missing of one member! I wonder where she go~ Hahhahahahaha. So all we did was just chilling and chatting.

Pictures time! 

TWG tea macarons are awesome!



And here's a photo of my recent nail art! Hehehe POW ZAP, and whatever weird stuff I wrote on it. hahahahahaha. Pretty much not my design. I just went goggling and found this cute design. ^______^

So recently, I didn't go shopping much. Pretty much nothing is on my shopping list now. Hehehe, so I'm leading a slacker life currently.

What I mean by slacker life is, stay at home and chill. While chilling, I watch anime. And I just started watching ONE PIECE. HAHAHAHAHAA. Good luck to me. I got 500 over episodes to catch up and I am only at episode 10. {:

Soon, I gonna do some self-discipline training. I'm gonna try waking up early in the morning like 5:30am to go jogging? HAHAHA. HOPE I CAN DO THAT. ^_________________^

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Back to black.

Hi guys! I decided to dye my hair Chestnut Black! Which is a super dark brown colour! ^_^ I'm too lazy to do any touch up for my blonde hair. ><

I'm back to my original hair colour~ Yippy~ Hahahahaha! I think I need to trim my hair soon! LOTS OF SPLIT ENDS. T.T . Damaged hair ):

Oh well, blondie me, I'll miss you. Next time my hair will be in rainbow. ^____________________^ Kiddingzx.

Well, recently been watching NARUTO SHIPPUDEN! Just how many years have I been catching naruto. Omg. I think about 4 or 5 years back I have started watching Naruto's first season. I stopped catching for a period of time. And now I'm back! Currently at episode228 of Naruto Shippuden. Hahaha. Heard it's getting pretty exciting. SHINOBUUUU~ ^_^

Anybody here watch Naruto too?


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Barbie lens giveaway results / Mini Haul

I am one super lazy blogger. @_@

Few days back, I was shopping around with Lizzie and we went Cotton On. And there's this sections where they sell clothes for not more than $10! But they were all male clothing. BUT IT'S ALRIGHTTT. IT LOOKS GOOOD. Hmm~

Girls just wanna have fun t-shirt at only $5! What a steal! Hahaha! 
And this cool looking cardigan at only $10! Wuuuuuuuu~ Hahahahahaha. 

And just wanna share with you guys this Peppermint Hot Cocoa. Oh god, this is danggggg, super yummy~ Hehehhee. 

Now moving on to the Barbie Lens Giveaway results! ^_^

And congrats to MissFeelo from Filosophie! Yayyyy!

And yup, recently just got 400 followers. But that doesn't matter! What matter most is those comments by my readers T.T <3 That actually there are people who read my blog.  (。≧ω≦。)  Well I just love sharing my buys, life, etc with people. Hhahahahaha! Yayyyy I love blogging~ I am also sorry for not being able to reply all my comments. T.T Because I've been so busyyyy! 

Hope you guys have a great week! ^_^

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acne Prone Skin Tips

Hi there! ^_^ I thought I should blog about my problematic skin!

That's right, exactly what the title says. ACNE. T.T I'm sure this is a extremely serious problem for girls. D;

First, let me show you my before and after photo ya. 100% NOT EDITED.

Yeah, you get what I mean?

The before photo was taken like August 2010. The after photo, I took it recently.

What I wanna say is, I suffer a lot during this period of time! I got no idea why and where these acnes come from. T.T I tried all sorts of stuff trying to treat my face. FIRST, GOING FOR FACIAL TREATMENT DOESN'T HELP AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Maybe a little, but to be honest, it's a waste of money. I jump from one acne medication to another, and seriously none helped. I was soooo sooo sooo desperate and frustrated.

And people said my face look like.


But since sometime last year, my skin starts to get better. I'm somewhat relieved. ^_^ Though now I still have some scars left.

Let me share with you guys some tips!

1. I think drinking plenty of water is suppppppeeeeerrr important!

2. Try to avoid touching your face unnecessarily and not to squeeze your pimples because it makes the problem worst.

3. Spamming facial products doesn't help.

4.  Shampoo your hair regularly! And try to keep your hair out of your face especially when you're at home or exercising.

5. Be sure to wash your face every day and night! 

6. I started trying to avoid putting on makeup for quite sometime.

And for some products I actually tried, and it somehow work quite well, here it is~

Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom series. Oh god, this is the best cleanser for sensitive skin! But it doesn't smell very nice... It smells like herbs. Acne causes redness to my face. And this cleanser really reduce the redness aloooot. It's very mild, light and effective. Really good product ^_^ 

OXY 10 Benzoyl Peroxide. I think this is a very effective pimple medication. It dries up your pimple overnight! Plus, it's inexpensive! Super cheap cheap cheap. 

These three are my all time favouite masks. All from My Beauty Diary. Cooling mask, Apple Polyphenol mask and Earl Grey Tea & Macaron mask. 

Cooling mask - Singapore is a super hot country and we are always exposed to sun, thus this cooling masks helps to repair and hydrate my skin. It's a super refreshing and soothing mask. You should try!

Apple Polyphenol mask - I think this is one of the best mask I ever used! It helps to tighten pores and also regulates sebum secretion. Each time I used, I see instant results! Plus it smells real goood~ 

Earl Grey & Macarons - This mask is mainly to clarify, whiten and brighten your face. Good for scars! Instant results!

You guys should try them! ^_^ That's about it! I took me some courage to actually post up my ugly acne face photo @_@. I hope it helps anyone of you out there who have acne problem like me.  ><
Do keep this in mind that: KEEPING YOURSELF CLEAN IS THE MAIN KEY! But it's not like I'm dirty, but trust me, it helps.

And my contact lens giveaway closed! I'm sorrrry, I am suppose to post the results today! But I got something on and couldn't sort out the names yet! Give me one more day! ^_^