Thursday, March 1, 2012

Acne Prone Skin Tips

Hi there! ^_^ I thought I should blog about my problematic skin!

That's right, exactly what the title says. ACNE. T.T I'm sure this is a extremely serious problem for girls. D;

First, let me show you my before and after photo ya. 100% NOT EDITED.

Yeah, you get what I mean?

The before photo was taken like August 2010. The after photo, I took it recently.

What I wanna say is, I suffer a lot during this period of time! I got no idea why and where these acnes come from. T.T I tried all sorts of stuff trying to treat my face. FIRST, GOING FOR FACIAL TREATMENT DOESN'T HELP AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Maybe a little, but to be honest, it's a waste of money. I jump from one acne medication to another, and seriously none helped. I was soooo sooo sooo desperate and frustrated.

And people said my face look like.


But since sometime last year, my skin starts to get better. I'm somewhat relieved. ^_^ Though now I still have some scars left.

Let me share with you guys some tips!

1. I think drinking plenty of water is suppppppeeeeerrr important!

2. Try to avoid touching your face unnecessarily and not to squeeze your pimples because it makes the problem worst.

3. Spamming facial products doesn't help.

4.  Shampoo your hair regularly! And try to keep your hair out of your face especially when you're at home or exercising.

5. Be sure to wash your face every day and night! 

6. I started trying to avoid putting on makeup for quite sometime.

And for some products I actually tried, and it somehow work quite well, here it is~

Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom series. Oh god, this is the best cleanser for sensitive skin! But it doesn't smell very nice... It smells like herbs. Acne causes redness to my face. And this cleanser really reduce the redness aloooot. It's very mild, light and effective. Really good product ^_^ 

OXY 10 Benzoyl Peroxide. I think this is a very effective pimple medication. It dries up your pimple overnight! Plus, it's inexpensive! Super cheap cheap cheap. 

These three are my all time favouite masks. All from My Beauty Diary. Cooling mask, Apple Polyphenol mask and Earl Grey Tea & Macaron mask. 

Cooling mask - Singapore is a super hot country and we are always exposed to sun, thus this cooling masks helps to repair and hydrate my skin. It's a super refreshing and soothing mask. You should try!

Apple Polyphenol mask - I think this is one of the best mask I ever used! It helps to tighten pores and also regulates sebum secretion. Each time I used, I see instant results! Plus it smells real goood~ 

Earl Grey & Macarons - This mask is mainly to clarify, whiten and brighten your face. Good for scars! Instant results!

You guys should try them! ^_^ That's about it! I took me some courage to actually post up my ugly acne face photo @_@. I hope it helps anyone of you out there who have acne problem like me.  ><
Do keep this in mind that: KEEPING YOURSELF CLEAN IS THE MAIN KEY! But it's not like I'm dirty, but trust me, it helps.

And my contact lens giveaway closed! I'm sorrrry, I am suppose to post the results today! But I got something on and couldn't sort out the names yet! Give me one more day! ^_^


  1. I found you blog walkin'. I'm a new follower :) You are the cutest! I really admire your makeup technique and photo skills :)


  2. That Earl Grey and Macaron facemask looks brilliant, I wish they sold My Beauty Diary facemasks in the UK > . < x

  3. Wow, your skin looks so nice now! I agree with all your tips ^^
    A super good post! I should use my masks again.. And I touch my face waaay too much >.<

  4. Your skin looks really pretty now! I'm glad I never had a lot of acne in my face-area. But my sister had. I think she got it always when she ate chocolate and a lot of sweet stuff.

  5. nice tips. i had same problem, i wish i can do something to may acne's scars :(
    you ha a beautiful skin now :)

  6. You did a great job to post those photos :) I think it's sadly a common problem but I don't believe anyone has to be ashamed of it. You are a really really pretty girl with and without acne!

    I'm really glad about your "My beauty diary" recommendations, for I recently got interested in these face masks a lot! I definitely will try out the Apple ones :)

    I really like this post very much! Great work, great tips! You can definitely be proud of yourself :)

  7. Aww, I'm really happy for you that it is over now (: Your skin looks absolutely amazing! Could you do a post on your foundation routine or the products that you use? x

  8. Nice tips and your skin becomes really good! Drinking water is really important, also for loosing weight.

    Greetings ^^~

  9. I went through the exact same thing! But I had to take strong and dangerous accutane.....but I'm glad my skin is clear now! :)
    Honey from

  10. Your skin is beautiful~!!
    Also, what color is your hair?

  11. your skin looks gorgeous now! I don't really have problems with acne it's those single big pimples that get me Dx they just appear one by one at various places and takes like a week to get rid of them!

  12. Wow that is simply awesome!
    Do you recommend any items to clear up scarring because that is amazing how they just disappeared!

  13. Thanks for telling us this! I really need all the help I can get right now! : D

  14. thx for sharing,it's really helpful..^_^V

  15. Wow, this is really inspiring! o:
    I heard lots of raves about My Beauty Diary, so I think I'll try it some time~ >u<

  16. thank you for the tips! i hope they work on me too and help get rid of my stubborn acne! >:O

  17. I think my skin was like 80% of yours many years back. Then I started watching my diet (eliminated PEANUTS which were causing pimples) and started using suitable cleanser (my previous one was super drying, making my skin dehydrated, oily and dying) and moisturizer. I guess discipline was the key for me.. Took me a while to remind myself to wash my face twice a day & stay off peanut butter, which I loved.

  18. I did not expect you to previously have problem skin. Your skin always looks so amazing! I definitely hate acne, suffered from it from so long. I'm still working on getting great skin so I highly reconfirm everything you've written!

  19. Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome article! I have a question if you don't mind:

    What is the difference between psoriasis and rosacea?

  20. Thanks for the tipssss (runs to my brother), he has acne prone skin too >.,

  21. I found your tips really helpful for acne. Thanks dear :)


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