Sunday, March 4, 2012

Barbie lens giveaway results / Mini Haul

I am one super lazy blogger. @_@

Few days back, I was shopping around with Lizzie and we went Cotton On. And there's this sections where they sell clothes for not more than $10! But they were all male clothing. BUT IT'S ALRIGHTTT. IT LOOKS GOOOD. Hmm~

Girls just wanna have fun t-shirt at only $5! What a steal! Hahaha! 
And this cool looking cardigan at only $10! Wuuuuuuuu~ Hahahahahaha. 

And just wanna share with you guys this Peppermint Hot Cocoa. Oh god, this is danggggg, super yummy~ Hehehhee. 

Now moving on to the Barbie Lens Giveaway results! ^_^

And congrats to MissFeelo from Filosophie! Yayyyy!

And yup, recently just got 400 followers. But that doesn't matter! What matter most is those comments by my readers T.T <3 That actually there are people who read my blog.  (。≧ω≦。)  Well I just love sharing my buys, life, etc with people. Hhahahahaha! Yayyyy I love blogging~ I am also sorry for not being able to reply all my comments. T.T Because I've been so busyyyy! 

Hope you guys have a great week! ^_^


  1. Big hug to Missfeelo! Congratulations! ^^

  2. Nice buys Aki :) Woo congrats to Feelo

  3. Replies
    1. XD you noticed?! I have slight eye infection. ><

  4. yay Feelo! :)

    (and yes, Aki. we need more updates! lol)

    hope your eyes feel better soon. you look pretty, though!

  5. congrats to her <3 I love ghiradelli stuff O.o it's the bomb

  6. omg.. amazing!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHH my week just keeps getting better.. THANK YOU!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

    I bought a similar sweater for my guy friend for Christmas.... almost kept it. haha

  7. I saw the post that Lizzie wrote! You guys are so cute together ^^
    And those are some great buys :D

  8. Congratulations to MissFeelo!! :D

  9. I really enjoy reading your blog, so I'm glad to read that you love blogging :D Keep going ^^
    And that Cocoa looks sooo yummy :D amazing ^^

  10. You had some really nice gets!

  11. You look cute! You reminds me of those Blyth dolls! xD!


  12. your eyes look red dearr >__<, are you okay? I thought you just crying XD


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