Monday, March 12, 2012

Chilling. & Nails

Two of them have really nice nose. *___*

Just a quick update on my blog! *______* Just yesterday, had a mini catch up with my darling girls. Heheh. But we're missing of one member! I wonder where she go~ Hahhahahahaha. So all we did was just chilling and chatting.

Pictures time! 

TWG tea macarons are awesome!



And here's a photo of my recent nail art! Hehehe POW ZAP, and whatever weird stuff I wrote on it. hahahahahaha. Pretty much not my design. I just went goggling and found this cute design. ^______^

So recently, I didn't go shopping much. Pretty much nothing is on my shopping list now. Hehehe, so I'm leading a slacker life currently.

What I mean by slacker life is, stay at home and chill. While chilling, I watch anime. And I just started watching ONE PIECE. HAHAHAHAHAA. Good luck to me. I got 500 over episodes to catch up and I am only at episode 10. {:

Soon, I gonna do some self-discipline training. I'm gonna try waking up early in the morning like 5:30am to go jogging? HAHAHA. HOPE I CAN DO THAT. ^_________________^


  1. Great photos. Seems like you had a great time :D I like the nails, they look really cute ^^ Oh and good luck with your jogging plans :D

    Have a great week :)

  2. D: One piece is sooooooo long!! Haha I never watch long ones anymore, the only ones are bleach and naruto since I have watched them since I was little x)
    And i never had macaroo s before .____. but they look so good :F

  3. Nice nails..they remind me of comic books :) The macaroons look yum. Too bad I've never tried them.

  4. aww seemed like you had a great timee :D you all look so pretty hehe ~
    and your nail design is awesome xD i wish i wasn't so lazy to do my nails ^^"

  5. Wow, what nails!!! : O Amazing! And I like your other photos too, you all look really cute ; u ;

  6. Cute cute cute nails ^^
    You looked like you had fun ! :D

  7. Super cute nails! At least you're doing better than me in One piece. I'm on like episode 5 haha! And haven't seen it for a few years now XD

  8. Your nails looks super nice! : D The macroons looks yummy!

  9. I love your nails! So pretty! All your pictures look so cute! you guys are 超かわいい

  10. still cute :D

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  11. looks like you and the girls had a great time :) love your "pow" nails and good luck with the jogging thing ;)

  12. Hi Aki! <3 You look so chio and cutee ^.^ followed you. Keep writing! would visit more again ;) xx

  13. You always have such great nail art. :P
    You and your friends look cute.. always macaroons! haha


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