Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My new loots.

 Hey guys! ^_^ How have you been?! I'm so lazy to update my blog lately! 
Few days back, I went shopping spree with my mummy. One thing good about going out with mummy is that I can get lotsa stuffs! Yayyy! I love my mum! <3 ^_^


I got this from Isetan at $49.90 I not sure what brand it is, I only know that it is imported from Japan! Super cute furry bag! @___________@ Love it~

Went pass a shop and they are selling their clothes real cheap. Like, 1 for $15, 3 for $30 and 5 for $40. HAHAHA. Cool~ 

So, I bought three! One shorts, one top and one cardigan. Yayyy~

And got this long dress for $28. So pretttty! I wanted the one in red, but mum said that I look better in this light beige colour.
2 collars at $5 each! ^_^
FYI, I got all these from City Plaza! ^_^

And yesterday, i got bitten by Rusty. ): My pet dog. T.T 

Sharing the pain.... HAHAHAHA

Alright then! I'll be ending my post here! See you again~


  1. Awww! I hope you're okay and hope also that your wound will heal soon.

    I love your buys!!! My kind of style too

  2. beautiful! i want go shopping too! ^^

  3. I really like the dress~~ Cute! Too bad about the bite though :( I hope it is better soon~~~ I am always getting bites from gross Australian bugs >.< eww

  4. Oh no! I hope the bite will get better soon :( *huggg*
    I love everything you bought! Especially the collars! <3

  5. Oh noo! That looks painful T^T I hope it gets better soon!
    And those clothes and buys are really cute! Yes, shopping with mum is always the best haha

  6. Aww! I agree, when I go shopping with mum, I'll get everything since it's the time I can shop freely~ XD

    The wound is so scary! My dog bites me occasionally but she never got me bleeding or bruising. Yours is kinda too bad~ >.< I hope you disinfect it well and take care in case the wind brings bacteria there~~ Pat your dog more ^^ Maybe your dog was in bad mood~

  7. Lovely buys! I love the shorts!
    The collars are too cute too!
    Omg poor you make sure to disinfect it okay :)

  8. Awesome haul~ I especially love the blue and white cardigan! @~@

    That bite looks painful. D': Make sure you disinfect it!

  9. Nice haul~ I really love the cardigan and collars. @w@
    And I hope your arm gets better. D:. I remember when my aunt's dog bit my cousin in the ankle and he started bleeding like crazy...

  10. woww.. you got bitten?? that doesn't look that good omg >.<".. but what a lovely clothing!!

  11. WTF!!?? That bite is incredible!! I got bitten by my dog some weeks ago but yours is worse!! ;0; Do you have a big dog? Hope it will get better soon and you forgive your dog! :P
    Lucky you! My mum hate shopping with me, she says that I'm so tiring because I never get tired =_= (that's true).
    Enjoy your new clothes! ;D

  12. I like your collars !
    good recovery for your arm. Your dog has strength in the jaw, at least ><"

  13. Cute collars but nooo!!! My friend just got biten by a dog too >< I hope it heals fast and well!!!

    xoxo tifuani

  14. All your new items are so nice~ : D You got bit by a dog? It looks so painful TT^TT, I hope you feel better soon~

  15. omg I love that blue cardigan, ikr? I love shopping with my mom b/c of an unlimited wallet but she doesn't want to spend that much money ohhh the irony ... ouch O.o that dog bite looks horrible! Hope you heal up quickly! My dog always bit me but since he's so small it just left little pink marks

  16. Oh dear! That bite looks bad :( I hope it gets better hun :(

  17. Lovely hauls!everything are just so cute like you! ^_^~ hope you get well soon =)

  18. I love the collars ;_; I'm searchign for collars all the time

  19. omg! That bite looks really bad.. My dog bit my right hand before. On the night before my practical exam (in lab) so I was struggling with bending my fingers to hold the test tubes plus I spilt some mildly acidic solution on my hand =/

  20. bad rusty! D8 ....


  21. Okay....THIS IS LOOKING gorgeous. I love those pieces!
    And the selca is so pretty, i wish i could pull off the cute look :/


  22. Loving your blog~ so cute<3 & that bite looks bad! Hope you feel better xoxo


  23. Ouch that looks bad. Treat it well so that it will heal soon :)
    Great gets btw. I like the collars and the cardigan! :D

    Hope you had a nice day ;)

  24. firstly, MOTHER EFFING OUCH!!! That bite looks really painful. ><

    I LOVE your fashion so much. I'm super jealous of your collars. I wish I could buy a few but that style hasn't hit the market here yet and I'm far too lazy to buy a bunch of shirts and cut out the collars. haha

  25. That looks really painful. It will heal soon :) It seems to me that most stores are starting to sell pastel/bright flowy clothes.

  26. Love the buys, I want them all! XD
    Ouch, that bite looks painful, hope it heals soon o.e

  27. That dress looks lovely~! >o< The collars are so cute :D
    Ouch looks so painful! Somehow when I see stuff like that online I feel the pain myself >.< Hope you get better soon >o<!


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