Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sexy & Cute Leopard Print Nail Art Tutorial


 Hi there! I'm gonna teach you how to create leopard print nail art! It's a super easy yet cute nail design!

Colour used:
OPI Tickle My France-y
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Etude House PK004

What you need:
Three different nail colour
A thin brush
Top coat

First step is always applying your base colour! I used pink and I loveee pink! ^___^

Using another colour, randomly dot around your nails, making sure they are all different in shapes and sizes! 

Now, using another darker colour, you would need to outline your spots! So basically, you need to go according to the random shape of your spots and outline it! But of course, you do not outline them completely. You would need to break them up into 2-3 parts. See below! 

 It's okay if it's messy! ^_^

 And there you go! One leopard spot! Just continuously repeat the same process for the rest of the spot! Keep your outline messy! ^_^

And HUA-LA~ There you go! Your leopard print nail! Easy right? And it's such a sexy & cute design! And it's okay to be messy!

I just need to squeeze a photo of me somewhere in my post. HAHAHHAA. Okay, so I decided to place it here.

That's it for the tutorial! Hope you like it and have fun with it! ^______^ Let's all be pretty from head to toe together!

Ohhh and, I'll be going to Malaysia for a few days this coming Friday! And I can't wait to goooo~ Yippey hoooray! Do look forward to my next blog post! Bye~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy 5 Steps Rose Nail Art Tutorial.

 Colour used: 

China Glaze White Out
Etude House PK004
China Glaze Gaga for Green

Top coat and base used:

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (This is a super good quick dry top coat! Highly recommended.)
OPI Start to Finish Base&Top Coat

You need:
A thin brush/toothpick

1. You need to choose your base colour! Any colour you want. For me I used white. 

2. Now using the lightest shade of pink or any colour you choose, to randomly dab any areas you want depending on how many roses you wanna have on your nails! It doesn't have to be neat! 

3. This part you might require to use a brush or toothpick. Using the darker shade of pink, draw a small stroke in the middle of the circle. 

4. Now, using the same dark shade of pink, draw a bracket at the side of the circle! 

5. Last, using the green, draw two leaves on your rose!

 Tadahhhh! And this will be your end product~ HAHAHA! It's super easyyy! And even if you are doing your right hand, no worries! Because, it doesn't have to be neat! Hahahaha!

And yup! This is my first time doing a nail tutorial! Hope you like it any comments to improve or request do comment below! ^_______^

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My mum got good taste haul.


Okay, so, today post is exactly what the titles says.

My mum is pretty funny. When I'm out, she often will call me and ask like, "What colour you like? Red or Black?" Or like, "I saw a super nice dress, it's leopard prints.." And she'll describe them and so on for me. And I'll be like, YES YES YES. HAHAHAHA! BUY THEM!

So.. here it goes!

And sometimes, she wouldn't even ask and just buy them. And surprisingly, it's what I would wear. HAHAHAA! LOVE HER MUCH! <3

Okay and so, I went H&M just now a bought a pair of earrings!

So pretty!


And I'm gonna share some instagram photos!

Follow me! Bwahahaha!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring/Summer Fashion: Itsy so Bitsy!

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"At ITSYSOBITSY, we strive to bring you the best looking and quality clothes with a PRICE. Instead of striving to be UP on the price range, we try be as LOW as possible. As such, we dig for the best bargains in town and risk other blogshop owners hating us to bring you clothes that are not above $25!"

Apparels does not cost above $25 for the first few collections! And yes, I assure you, you'll be satisfied with the quality! I highly recommend this to you! Personally, I really love their apparels. *__* Totally my kind of style.

And even if I'm paid to do advertorials, I would not give a false testimonial here ya!   

ITSYSOBITSY 2nd collection is coming up, Feeding Your Floral Fetish!

 They picked two pieces of clothing for me! First, this Darrell Chanel Inspired Chiffon Cardigan! I really love this because it's so light and loose fitting! It's the best thing to bring out your simple outfit of the day! You can simple just throw it over. ^____^

*selca selca selca*

And next is this Long Sleeve Floral top! I really love it!  It's totally brings the spring/summer feel to it. It's so colourful and fresh! *______* For your random info, I really love floral stuffs.

And of course,  the materials are good and worth the price! 

Let's hop on over to ITSYSOBITSY.COM! Their preview for the 2nd collection is out! Do check it!
Not forgetting, stay tune to their exclusive collection on:

13th April 2012, Friday, 8pm!

Pieces are limited be sure to be there to avoid any disappointment! 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rusty's Birthday! / Tuxedo Nail

Happy 3rd birthday little Rusty boy! 04/04/12 ^___^ 姐姐(Older sister) Love you very much even though you bit me. ^__________^

Had mini celebration for Rusty boy! 

I gotta say his cake smells really good! Very strong fruity scent! *___________* Feel like giving it a bite. HAHAHAH!

There's a cake for my family as well! HAHAHAH. 

Rusty sure is living a super good life. *______* With owners who love him so much. -Envy-


Life recently: Sleep, eat, watch anime, sleep, social networking, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, go out, home, sleep, exercise, sleep, eat, exercise, sleeep.

Okay, maybe not that extreme. I'm not putting them in any order. HAHAHA. But as you can see, I've been sleeping a lot. I guess the more I sleep the more tired I get? Anyway, I love slacky life like this, since I'm not a party animal type of person. Most of the time enjoy being alone. *___* I am weird.

Anyway that's not important. I was about to show you my Tuxedo nails. HAHAHAH

Sorry it's a little messy. xD My shakey hand...


Now I've share with you some yummy foods, so... FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM? ^__^


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I ♥ CHOPPER! / Chichi Entourage!


 Some tony tony chopper stuffs~


 And my sis bought me this super cute sweater from Taiwan. Ahhh, love it. ^___^
And I went to learn some face painting, balloon sculpting and airbrush art yesterday! ^_^ It was fun! 

My friend's cat is realllllly cute. @___________@ Hahahahaha! Chill kitty.

Been so busy and lazy lately! But I'll be doing a simple nail art tutorial on my next post! Do stay tune! <3


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