Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New buys!

Recently just bought some new clothes! ^______________^ And I think I've try to improve the way I take picture of my clothes!

And mint colour is the trend for spring/summer and I've always loveeeee minty colours! And I love mint itself. HAHAHHA.

Here it is! I've got all of them from a random shop in Chinatown! 
And I loveee this piece of long dress! So gorgeous! 

This pretty top with super cute collars on! ^______________^

And also high-low skirt! I wanted a red and black high low skirt tooooo! Omooo, they're like so pretty! 

And I've been hunting for really nice denim top and I can't find any that I really like! T.T I shall work hard and hunt for them!

I guess that's it for my post today! Talk to you soon! :D

Friday, May 25, 2012

Song Cover!


HELLOO! Today, went to take a look at Chichi Entourage office! BAHAHA! They got everythingggg! So many pretty clothes! Take a look and support ya! 

And halfway through, decided to record a song cover with my friend Jae! There's like a recording mic toooo! Too cool! Hahahaha! I'm not a pro singer but this is purely for fun! Teeheeee


Breakeven by the script! Enjoy! ^____^

Since my youtube is so inactive, I decided to actually make more covers or even post up makeup tutorials so stay tune!

Will be updating on my new clothes and such soon! Remember to subscribe to meee! Love you allll!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Princess Mimi Almond Brown review!

Hi there! Hehehe, few days back I tried emailing UNIQSO and they kindly sponsored me a pair of GEO PrincessMimi lens!  

They are based in Malaysia and they sell wide range cosmetics lenses! Like Fynale, GEO, Cici, I.Fairy and many more! Visit UNIQSO!

It took me a week to receive it! And it was nicely packed in this cute little bear box! And it came with a casing! Not only that, it was also very nicely packed with bubble wraps! (:

Princess Mimi in Almond Brown! 14.5mm!

The colour is really natural and nice and with the black outer rims, it definitely enlarge my eyes, giving the dolly look which I always love. It blends really well with my natural dark brown eyes.

With flash

Direct sunlight

The design is really simple and I would prefer this lens than a full black ones! I never once liked black lenses because I find it harsh looking. So I guess this would be added into my favourite lens list!

Well, not forgetting to take lots of pictures!

Design: I would definitely rate high for this lens design since I really love natural looking lens! Perfect for everyday natural looking eyes.

Enlargement: 14.5mm enlarging enough! Who don't love big dolly eyes?!

Comfort:  It's really comfortable wearing this lens but I guess comfort is pretty much like a more personal thing. People with more sensitive eyes might not find it comfortable. I don't know~ But it's fine for me!

 And yup, don't forget to visit UNIQSO!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Essence Circus Circus!

It's been awhile guys! ^___^  OMG I LOVE MY HAIR. HAHAHHA!


I haven't been updating a lot lately! I'll make an effort to do so! >___< But I'm super active on Instagram! Bahaha! If you have Instagram do follow me @Polpetinaxq!

Soooo I was walking around in town with my sister and went into drugs store to look around since there's like sales.

And we saw this Essence Circus Circus series products. And we find it super cute! 
 It's like dec 2011-jan2012 collection. And I just noticed this brand. HAHAHAH!

I think we bought it partly is because of the cute packaging. We bought the cream eyeshadow! There's 3 colours! 01 it’s magic, 02 raise the curtain for… and 03 my sparkling acrobat. We got 01 and 02!  

I love gold shadow! It's super pretty! 

I haven't tried them yet, I think I'll keep them as part of my collection first. Hahahahahhahaa!

But I did saw their perfume! AND I THINK IT'S VERY CUTE!

Credits to google!

I'm thinking if I should get it. I don't really like the scent tho . But again, maybe if I finished it, I can pour other perfume in if I can actually open it. I just love e bottle. ):

Over all I pretty much like the packaging only. HAHAHHAA! I not sure if their products is good. Shall give it a try another time! And this collection does reminds me of Sentimental Circus don't you think?! ^___^


And Imma post some pictures from last week! ^__^


 This is call Tounyuu nabe soup base! It's soy milk hot pot soup base! IT'S TOO DELICIOUS. IF YOU EVER FIND IT IN JAP SUPERMARKET BUY IT ALRIGHT! BUY IT! HHAHAAH!

 Hehehe had two different soup base for our hot pot! The other soup base is actually Dashi soup which I cooked yay!


Bye~ See you soon! ^___________^

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink Ombre Hair!

Hi! So... I just dip dyed my hair yesterday! And I think it went pretty well! I always wanted to do ombre hair but there's super limited hair colours in Singapore and I got to order it online! And here it is!

 I'm using Manic Panic Amplified in Hot Hot Pink!

Now moving on! I'm gonna show you my steps. But there's nothing professional on how I do it!

Okay, so first I tied braids on my hair! I sectioned my hair into four braids as my hair is quite thick! And I find it easier to work like this!

So first I bleached it! Btw, I'm using Palty bleach here! I think you can find better and stronger bleach out there! 

 So while at it, use a hair dryer to heat your bleached parts!

And done! Here I got this ugly golden brown! I think it was enough for my colour to show!

 And now moving on~

I start spreading the pink dye on my bleached parts, wrapped in a plastic bag, and heat~ 

So first attempt not so good! I still can see some golden brown!

Touching up! While at it, start taking pictures.  HAHAHA! 

And tadaaah! It's done and it looks good! ^___^

Some tips:

So, after bleaching your ends, your hair is very much damaged! And so when I'm gonna apply the colour, I actually took the colour out in a container and mixed it with conditioner! So during the 30mins you are actually conditioning your hair as well! Very good idea! Bahahaha! And the dye still works just fine!


So I'll see you in my next post! ^___^ Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little catch up w wifey.

I've been busy lately~ Busying working and such. Blah! And finally! I gotta meet up with my wifey, Makiyo-chan! Hahaha! I guess you guys hardly see photo of her because it's been many many months since the last time I met her! Since she's busy with her studies! And hoooray! Met her that one day after my work! ^____^ Just a few photos!  

So we were just catching up with each other, chatting, etc etc and camwhoring till we got locked up in a mall. LOL!

And here's some photos we took many years back! Hahah! I think we look different now! Growing up! ^___^

 And oh!

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