Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back from vacation! / Inspired to cook!

Hi guys! How have you beeen! I'm finally back from my trip to Malaysia, KL! ^___^ Will show some photos down below later!

But anyway! Been inspired to cook for people lately! And it's been awhile since I cooked Japanese Curry!
Actually the main veggie should be potatoes, carrots and onions, but I like cabbage! So I add them in~ Yay! I didn't take down the process of me cooking! >< Too busy, but here's some photo! 

Looks good?

I was watching video yesterday and I decided to try making Ichigo Daifuku! Basically it is mochi filled with red bean paste and strawberry! And I made both the mochi and red bean paste myself! HEHEHE! And I gotta say, it's not easy! HAHAHAH!

And I'm gonna spam some photos I took in KL!

My Aunt's dog! Her name is Bebe. She always wake me up in the morning! Super cute! ><

If you're not a chinese, this is actually called yong tau foo! Basically, bean curd or any veggies like green pepper, bitter gourd filled with fish paste! My breakfast btw.

Aunt's house: where i stayed!

Milk teaaa

Roti prata, indian food.

Chilling at Papparich, drinking milk tea with coffee jelly.

Honey lemon!

My cousin, Shenice! ^__^

With shenice and felicia! I'm missing on one more cousin!

With my mum before going to KL.

Cousin~ <3


Well, that's about it! I didn't bring camera with me! So most of the photos are took using my phone! Hehehehhee

See you soon!


  1. You are so cute! and your cousin and mum too! :) <3

  2. Oh the curry looks SO good :F I haven't made Japanese curry in so long too! I should make some kekeke
    And the photos are so cute! I need a Vacation... NAO. Haha

  3. Japanese curry is the best thing ever. Craving it so badly now D<

  4. Haha, aww the pics are so cute ^^
    I have ate Japanese curry long time ago and I really liked it : 3

  5. Cute photos! Looks like you had fun~
    The Ichigo Daifuku looks yum (^^)

  6. You have talent for cooking!! (unlike me) XD
    Everything looks yummy >o<
    And it looks like you had a fun time :3

  7. Looks like tons of fun you had! X)


  8. You're so pretty!
    And I luuurve Japanese curry, and I have the same packet I think! :3

  9. Food~~~ <3
    Japanese curry is AMAZING.

  10. I love eating curry >.< it's the perfect combination of veggies/meat/rice. The ichigo daifuku looked like it was hard to make, it looks delicious though~ Glad to know you had a good time in Malaysia. I always love hanging out with my relatives I don't see that much.

  11. Aki!! welcome back, hope you had fun on KL ^_^~ I went there last January and i enjoyed it a lot despite the hot weather =) Those curry looks really yummy!kudos to you as you know how to cook, me? I only know how to eat, lolz~ Your cousin is pretty too! good looks sure runs in your family! Take care always! ^_^~ Stay gorgeous as always! mwahz! =)

  12. welcome back,sweetie! :)
    i didn't know you're into cooking. ;p
    the mochi looks so good. would love to taste them!

  13. Akiii ;D!
    Everything loooksss soooo goood!
    Ahhh you're just teasing us with food haha
    You look so cute in these photos hehe
    I just followed you on instagram ;o <3

  14. You look super cute in this first photo!!

    The Japanese curry and Ichigo daifuku looks so yummy.


  15. so many delicious things! now I'm hungry <3

  16. ooo the beanpaste and strawberry looks very interesting! i have never seen something like that before!

    also, you are sooo cute!!! i'm gonna be your new follower!!!

  17. Everything looks so yummy, I'm hungry now, hehe :)
    Amazing blog, I've followed you <3


  18. The curry looks super yummy!! I like to add cauliflower when I make Japanese curry. How did the cabbage make it taste? I love cabbage too!

    You look adoooorable.

  19. You're really pretty! :D


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