Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little catch up w wifey.

I've been busy lately~ Busying working and such. Blah! And finally! I gotta meet up with my wifey, Makiyo-chan! Hahaha! I guess you guys hardly see photo of her because it's been many many months since the last time I met her! Since she's busy with her studies! And hoooray! Met her that one day after my work! ^____^ Just a few photos!  

So we were just catching up with each other, chatting, etc etc and camwhoring till we got locked up in a mall. LOL!

And here's some photos we took many years back! Hahah! I think we look different now! Growing up! ^___^

 And oh!

Can you guys help me pretty please?

My friend is entering a contest where the winner gets to go to korea perform! He's a song writer and singer! He needs vote!
Need a minute from you to help me like a post! Please and thank you!

This is the video!

Heres the link:
Help me like the link above thank you very muchhhhh!


  1. You're so cute together! :D

  2. You guys are so cute! It's nice seeing before and afters with your friends!
    And I wil help vote ^^

  3. you look like you are sisters! or twins! :D so cute <3

  4. it's so nice to see you've been friends for so long.

  5. you two are so cute! i am so jelly because i don't really have childhood friends :(.

  6. you two look like sisters!

  7. The both of you look like twins! How cute ^.^ & I really miss all my girlfriends too~ Too bad they live many States away T.T


  8. Awww you two look so cute together :P

  9. Aww you guys are so cute >o<~! Haha how did you manage to get locked up?! XD

  10. aki, your wifey is such a sweetie like you!! both of you look like a living dolls! really cute and pretty!! I'll like the video for support! mwahz! tc always!! and stay gorgeous! ^_^~

  11. Liked the video, it's a really lovely song actually!!

    You and wifey (lol) look so adorable together, I could see you guys being mistaken as sisters!

  12. loving your new haircolor :D !! it looks awesome

    1. woops commented at the wrong blogpost.. ah you know what i mean haha


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