Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cheap Cheap Stuffs / Return of the fam

Hi! It's been a long busy week for me! So much things to dooo~ Hehhhehee. And I went to shop for cheap clothes at City Plaza with my mum recently! It's too cheap! SERIOUSLY. HAHAHA! Though it might require you some skills to hunt nice and cheap stuffs there.

And mostly are sheer top!

First this floral top! It's so pretty! GUESS HOW MUCH?! 


 This butterfly sleeved sheer top! At only $10! Yayyy!


AHhhhhh, there's still more!

These bring bangles! I got them from! Check it out! Awesome stuffs!


A little catchup with my friends! Hehehehe.

Food porn time~ 

This smoked duck pizza is heaven!



Introducing this game called "Don't Be Anti-Social During Meals With Friends" Hahahhaa! So basically, whoever touch their phone first, lose and have to treat everybody~

And everybody is using iphone except me! :p Galaxy S2 user.

Ending the post with this two selca photos! Enjoy your weekends! (:


  1. so who ended up paying? or did you all pay for your share? haha that is what we usually do with our phones too x) i'm interested to try that mojito stuff, what is it exactly? :3

  2. OMG! Such cute clothing!! >U< Super envious of such cute pieces of clothing!!
    OMGG, the food looks so good!! >W<
    Haha, the game is cute and interesting! Haha! >U<

  3. When I saw that floral and you said how much I was like, ..That's gotta be at least $20, but you were like $8! and I was like, HOLY CRAP. Haha! You're really really pretty and so are your friends! Looks like it was loads of fun :)

  4. you always bought cute clothes!
    Love it!!

  5. Gosh, how do you find all these cute bargains! I guess I don't search hard enough ahaha

  6. Omg. You found such great stuff Aki! <3 I just love bargains!! The white top is so kawaii!! Love it! And I feel you! All my friends have iPhones and I'm the only one using a galaxy. It makes me feel special :-p I'm not getting an iPhone any time soon that's for sure, I love being the special one. AHAHA!

  7. The food looks so yummmmmmmy *00*
    Cute photos ~!

  8. So cute, your haul was so cheap omgosh. xD Haha we have the same phone, it's a good phone. :B

  9. What a great haul! I love all the vintagey shirts you bought :D

  10. Wow! The first shirt is so cute! :D :D I love all the food!

  11. nyum nyum, feel like eating that picture noooow, that pizza look irresistible *drool*

  12. Omggggg all these food pictures >w< Killing me~~~~ *droooool* but you got some good bargains!!! Omg I wish I could find cheap cute clothes like that ;~;

    xoxo tifuani

  13. hi! im diba. follback my blog please :) thankee! nice to know you.

  14. I love your hair, it looks so cute on you *-* did you dye it yourself? Love * Monstros no Armário

  15. Android FTW!!! haha

    I seriously need to travel and shop with you. I love your style sooo much. Want the second shirt SO badly, I also really like the first.

    You kill me with the food porn. I want pizza. And food. nom nom nom nom

  16. The foods ahhhh all looked so delicious hahahaha
    okay fine, I suppose to comment about the others thing not food.
    But the food lol... lol... lol...
    Just super make me hungry :P

  17. may i ask from which city plaza shop did u got your butterfly sleeved sheer top?
    love to get 1 too^


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