Sunday, June 17, 2012

JB - Johor Premium Outlets / NOTW

Am extremely lazy to blog. So so so so so lazy and forever procrastinating. Bad habit indeed. Just a little update about myself: I've been going out so often(or maybe not) lately and eating junk food. And I realised that, going out is much more better than staying at home because I'll eat less. HAHAHA! No idea why, but it works this way for me. Staying at home, I often start digging random food(as long as it's edible) and start chewing on it. *Nomnomnom*  And I probably know why; because there's too much food in my kitchen/fridge. OH GOD.... Somebody please eliminate all the foods for me please. And my dad just add on to the junk foods. Oh well, part of my guilty pleasure. LOL.

 Okay, enuff said!

If you noticed, I just changed my blog banner and background! Taaadaaaa! A huge photo of myself; narcissism much! HAHAHAHHAA!

BUT TAKE A LOOK AT MY HAIRRRR. Bahahaha. Awesome? 

Yesterday went for Johor Bahru, Malaysia trip(AGAIN) with my sister and few of her other friends. So much fun! We went to visit Johor Premium Outlets! It's heaven for all the cheap branded stuffs! *____* Singapore Y U NO HAVE PREMIUM OUTLETS? Okay, Singapore is probably too small for it.
But anyway, we visited other shopping malls as well! :D

And at the Premium Outlets it's like in a world of it's own and it's super pretty there! 

*Heavy photos ahead* *Danger: Food porn*


And in Singapore and Malaysia foods are probably all about the same. BUT WHY SG FOOD NO NICER THAN MALAYSIA? Bahahhaa!

And some accessories we got!

That's about it for the JB part!


And now coming to the nail of the week(NOTW)!

And I recently learnt how to remove yellowish nail polish stains left by red, blue, green or any dark pigmented nail polish! I'll share on another post!

I'll be ending my wordy post here! Bye bye!


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  1. Looks like you had a fun day!!
    Omg your hair is awesome~!!! Please do a tutorial~! >o<

  2. Your hair looks amazing o_O Wow! How did you do it?
    Love the photos <3 YUMMY FOOD!

  3. I would LOVE to go to that outlet mall... i've only been once, in NY.. you take veyr nice photos :D i love your blog, i will start reading it now..

  4. Cool hair Aki! And I love your food pictures :F You get the best shots of foood~ haha

  5. Cool photos!! :) you look so pretty too! love your hair <3
    and the nails are lovely!!!! <3

  6. I suck at doing my hair but I want to try those braids!!

  7. omg so pretty *O* i love ur eye make up. and the nails r so awesome <3 i love ur blog *O* just found it. i followed it <3 cant await it to see the next post *3*


  8. I really like the new banner! :D
    Also, that hair is amazing! :O Was it hard to do?

  9. Your hairtsyle looks so cool!! I really want to visit Johor too after reading this post.

    I really like your new banner and background. It's very pretty.


  10. I love your braids, babe! I'm currently in love with braids <3
    And I like your new banner, super cute! xxx

  11. Hello!
    I just found your blog!
    I love it!
    And you are so beautiful you remind me of Park Bom!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it! ^_^
    Thank you!


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