Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My day as Pandaki

You must be wondering what's Pandaki. So let me explain before I go on further.

I'm a crazy panda lover and thus many of my friends/classmates call me Panda. And I gave myself a name Aki. And so I'm now known as Pandaki. Bascially, it's Panda + Aki. LOL.

The post today is very much about my day when I'm out with my friends.

My baby.

Met up with Gina today because I'm bored and she's not working today! Yay! Desserts time. 

Why she got the classy face?! Jelly! 


Mixed fruits mochi with mango juice.

Durian & Matcha ice creams with vanilla shaved ice! 

I hardly pose with my food. So here's one today. 

And soon after our desserts, just nice two of our friends, Mich & Sel actually in town as well! And we went over to meet them! 

My waterfall braids! Nice? Hehehe!

And this bow tie that my friend studded! So cute! Mad love itttt! 

 Food porn and food porn and food porn.

That pretty much how my day goes. And hopefully you guys are enjoying yourself as much as I am~

 And I'm about to show you some pictures which will scare the hell outta you and you'll probably not want to read my blog again. T.T Please enjoy...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Ombre Hair Colour!

HELLO. AM EGGGGGCITED TO SHOW YOU MY NEW OMBRE HAIR COLOUR! (Sorry for the caps. I'm too excited.)

This time, instead of using manic panic, I decided to try La Richie's Directions dye! *YIPPEEE*

Used Lavender and Turquoise! 

But as compared to Manic Panic, I guess the dye is much smaller. GAAAAAHHHHHHHH Let's see how long it can last. >___< But anywwaaaay, I think I did okay, for the dip dyeing process.

I bleached my ends again to really blondy kind of blonde. And also to bleach away my pink ends! And gosh, my hair is really damaged. ):



Hahahaha! This kinda reminds me of galaxy..

Right right right?

Of course, I didn't forget to take picture of myself. Hah!

Hehehe using Eyemazing upper lash in no.303 and Dolly Wink no.13 for lower lash! Mad love no.13! Wearing Super Barbie nudy green lens as well! :D

Have a nice week ahead people!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shibuya Gals @ Watsons

Hello everybardi. Been too busy to blog because as you know, I'm working as promoter for Shibuya Gals!

And working as a promoter is really not very fun. *Honest* But at least I got to meet alot of new people. ^__^

Anyway I survived for two weeks, standing there for 10hours every single boring day. You can see my rants on twitter. Hahahaha! But anyway, some people in Watsons are pretty nice. {: And with my good friends coming to lunch with me almost everyday~ *blessed*

Last Saturday, there's a gyarus meet up session! So, girls, if you're residing in Singapore, go like Shibuya Gals facebook page for more future gyaru events!


Sharbunny! Her hair is mad gorgeous!

Steph from! She's cool. Heeh.

 And also Kelly Konomi from! I believe many of you read her blog! She was also the host of the event! Superrrr kawaiii~

Picture credit to Peiting!
I met Peiting from as well! Hehehe. 

Denise~ Super kawaiiii~

Himeko from

Am glad to be working for Shibuya Gals, meeting many wonderful people~

Seeing people with bright hair colours, I'm very inspired to make my hair colourful as well. I JUST GOT HOLD OF MY NEW HAIR DYE COLOURS!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Meet da peoplez.

Totally neglecting my blog lately. Oh gosh. But finally I don't feel lazy to bring camera out and bring you guys some nice photos! ^___^

So... recently went out to meet my good friends! ^__^ Had dindinz at a Thai restaurant called Thai Thai.

And yez, the food is suppa yummeh. 

So yupz! Meet my awesome friends! ^___^


Oh right, and one thing! Recently been working as a promoter for Shibuya Gals which is a corner at Watsons drug stores, which sells dolly wink lashes, etc from 5July-18July! ^__^

And oh of course got to meet wonderful people like, Kelly Konomi, Gollylocks & Wendy Ashley. Of course not only them! There's many others! Hehehe.

I guess that's about it for this random blog post! Hopefully will bring something useful & interesting up for e next post!  More updates on Instagram/Twitter! Follow me @Polpetinaxq!