Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to remove ugly yellowish stains left by nail polish

Hi everybody! I'm gonna share my way to remove yellowish stains left by your nail polish on your nails! Usually, dark pigmented colours like, red, blue, purple, green, will often stain your pretty nails! And how to remove it? I'll show you below!

As you can see, I removed my nail polish completely with the remover and there's stains left on it! Ugly isn't it!

You'll need

-A container


1. Pour little amount of bleach into the container.

 2. Soak your fingernails in the bleach for 20secs.

3. Rinse it off thoroughly because bleach is very strong, in case it might get into your eyes or anything.

4. Repeat the process until you get the results you want!

Let me show you how it looks like after being bleached and polished.

You will be able to get clean nails like this! Yayyy. Hahahhaa.

I hope this post helps you a little! ^___^ See yaaa!


  1. wow! Thanks for sharing! I agree this has been a constant pain in the ass after wearing dark colored nail polish! You look soo cute btw :!

    Luv, Nyt
    Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

  2. You could use lemon too! haha I remember that I used to always have my nails painted, I never had them naked o.o So I looked up ways to whiten them too :P

  3. thanks for the tips Aki-chan~~ XDD

  4. Thank you for the helpful tip! ^3^
    I really hate the stains that dark polishes leave! >3<

  5. whaa, thanks for the tips. this is what always happens when I put too much off brand nail polish to my nails >.<~~~~

  6. i'm a bit iffy about making contact with bleach, what about baking soda? ;o

  7. Whooaaa your nails look SOOO CLEANN!! :O
    I'm currently trying to take off my nail polish... my remover doesn't work.

  8. Thanks for the tip! The bleach really did clean your nails out, but isn't it drying on your fingertips and cuticles? >.<

    You are so cute btw! :)

  9. Wow! really helpful! I didn't know we could actually bleach our nails..hehe..Thanks for the tip! ^_~ nyway, you super cute and gorgeous as always..I love your sheer top, really pretty ^_~

  10. >_< Omgosh, isn't the bleach really harsh on your skin! It does work really well though.

  11. thankies for sharing this Aki ^_^ btw u're really cute.had such pretty eyes..ah envy you! hehehe..

  12. ah the idea of bleach sounds really scary but thanks for sharing! i hate those yellow stains ahh! i had this green-ish nailpolish that'd leave these yellowish-green looked really gross T3T

    alex @

  13. Wow, bleach works really well to remove those stains. I can't stand those stains too, I think it makes my nails look like they are infected or something.


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