Monday, July 9, 2012

Meet da peoplez.

Totally neglecting my blog lately. Oh gosh. But finally I don't feel lazy to bring camera out and bring you guys some nice photos! ^___^

So... recently went out to meet my good friends! ^__^ Had dindinz at a Thai restaurant called Thai Thai.

And yez, the food is suppa yummeh. 

So yupz! Meet my awesome friends! ^___^


Oh right, and one thing! Recently been working as a promoter for Shibuya Gals which is a corner at Watsons drug stores, which sells dolly wink lashes, etc from 5July-18July! ^__^

And oh of course got to meet wonderful people like, Kelly Konomi, Gollylocks & Wendy Ashley. Of course not only them! There's many others! Hehehe.

I guess that's about it for this random blog post! Hopefully will bring something useful & interesting up for e next post!  More updates on Instagram/Twitter! Follow me @Polpetinaxq! 


  1. whaa u're with kelly! I read her blog too :D
    u girls look so cute together <3
    wish I can visit Singapore soon, hehe.

  2. You and your friends look so lovely :) Also that food looks so yummy! x

  3. THE FOOD. *0*
    You're all so pretty! >w<
    I hope you have fun working! ^^

  4. You and your friends are so cute!
    I've tried the Dolly Wink Pure Little before.. they're kinda bad :(
    I lost a few of them after using it once >.<

  5. :D You and your friends are beautiful!

  6. looking lovely dear, and your friends are good looking too!

  7. Your guy friend kind of reminds me of Yukatai.. or whatever that famous Singaporean blogger's name is.. who's friends with Xiaxue + co.

    I officially want to make noodles tomorrow.

  8. the food looks yum !
    and you guys look cute

  9. Great pictures :) I'm following you now :)

  10. You and your friends so cuteee!
    So many cosmetics you got!


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