Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My day as Pandaki

You must be wondering what's Pandaki. So let me explain before I go on further.

I'm a crazy panda lover and thus many of my friends/classmates call me Panda. And I gave myself a name Aki. And so I'm now known as Pandaki. Bascially, it's Panda + Aki. LOL.

The post today is very much about my day when I'm out with my friends.

My baby.

Met up with Gina today because I'm bored and she's not working today! Yay! Desserts time. 

Why she got the classy face?! Jelly! 


Mixed fruits mochi with mango juice.

Durian & Matcha ice creams with vanilla shaved ice! 

I hardly pose with my food. So here's one today. 

And soon after our desserts, just nice two of our friends, Mich & Sel actually in town as well! And we went over to meet them! 

My waterfall braids! Nice? Hehehe!

And this bow tie that my friend studded! So cute! Mad love itttt! 

 Food porn and food porn and food porn.

That pretty much how my day goes. And hopefully you guys are enjoying yourself as much as I am~

 And I'm about to show you some pictures which will scare the hell outta you and you'll probably not want to read my blog again. T.T Please enjoy...



  1. Ooooh, you are so cute! * w * I love to stalk this blog! x ) Hehee~ : D

  2. you are so funny and cute <3
    there is no picture of you with a derp face! ugh just perfect!
    lol you dont want to see mine.. your eyes die!! hahaha.

    Aniwaaays yummm at all the food pornnnnnnn ~ and Pandaki is such a cute name *__* you look like a cute panda tho! haha ~

  3. Pandaki is so cute name ; 3 ; And very VERY cute pictures <3 :3

  4. i love ur hair!!! and all those food...ohh yummy

  5. Looks like you had a fun day~
    And the last set of photos are so cute~ xD

  6. I love your dyed hair ^^, you look so cute n.n
    and pandaki is really a kawaii name ^_^

  7. OMG you're so cute you look like a kid hahahah I wanna pinch yooouuu XD

  8. I love your hair so much! Your bangs falls in place and it's very straight. Is it naturally straight?

  9. omo i love ur new ombre hair *^^* looks good on you! that matcha ice cream seems very delicious! ahh u makin me hungry!!>,<

  10. Pandaki! Hehehe. Cute. :-D :-D Love your hair!! And also the ribbon choker!! <3

  11. Great pictures ♥ You both look so cute, really pretty ♥ The food looks so yummy :3

    I have a giveaway on my blog because of my first blogbirthday. If you want, please join ^.^
    Have a nice week ♥

  12. Pandaki is cute !
    Haha, SO MUCH FOOD !! @.@ It all looks so tasty!
    Haha, love your photos, they're super cute...? ^3^
    Really love your cam!

  13. aki i mean Pandaki!! kekeke~ you are so so so so so so so so so so CUTE to the maxxx!! and of course! gorgeous as well! ^_~ Looks like both of you are having such a happy time =) I so love your rainfall braid? super prettty! me loving max!!! tc always!mwahz!! (^_^)~

  14. The first photo <3 So cute!
    And your hair color is really nice :) I like~~ Not that I haven't seen it yet xD

  15. really nice photos, i like ur hair ;)

  16. cool photos :D looks like a very nice relaxing day. the waterfall braids looks so nice on you!

    keep in touch :)

    Do you like beauty products?
    We're holding a giveaway @

  17. You've inspired me to make lunch, thank you. hahaha

    You looks so cute but yeah.. your friend really does have the classy face compared to your kid one. haha BUT YOU'RE BOTH STILL CUTE! ;P~


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