Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wax XXX @ Beauty Affairs!

I was invited to my virgin brazilian waxing experience at Beauty Affairs by Herine via Himeko! So thank you both Himeko and Herine! It was truly a good experience! ^___^

Wax XXX -
Xtra Strong to remove the hair
Xtra Smooth on the skin
Xtra Soft new hair

yup, my super lack of sleep face. Managed to save it with photoshop. At least my eyes looks normal. LOL.

It's my first time going for Brazilian Wax and I was like superrrrrrrrrrrrr superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nervous. Went together with Himeko and Yijing. Both of them have tried brazilian waxing before and I kept asking them, if it is painful BECAUSE I'M SCARED! HAHAHA!

I was the first to start my waxing session. So walking down the narrow corridor, I was super scared and nervous. I kept thinking, "Zomamamamagod. I'm dead, I'm dead.. I wanna go home..... T__T"

Looking at the wax....
The white colour wax is actually rice formulated wax! It's for first timer or people with sensitive skin! Effective on coarse hair too!

And there's the super pretty pink wax formulated with titanium dioxide for ingrown hairs  & the blue wax to use on longer hairs and over grown hairs after waxing!

 The therapist is really friendly and nice so I didn't feel nervous or awkward at all! I forgot to take a picture with her! >__<

Oho! So what happens during the session is that, you will expect me to be tearing and screaming...
But no. I was giggling and laughing. LOL. Because I find it ticklish when the wax is applied. HAHAHA! Took me awhile to distract myself and stop laughing when she is applying the wax.


After all, everyone have different threshold of pain! For me it would be 2.5 out of 10! Surprisingly not as painful as I thought it would be! Waxing would be a better choice compared to shaving because shaving will make your hairs to be very stubby. Waxing would remove your hair from the roots, the new growth would be softer and with regular waxing, the regrowth would be slower!

During the session I was trying to scare myself, telling the therapist that, "I think... this part gonna be painful..."
*Strip wax*
"Ehhhhh... not painful at all!"


I would definitely go for more waxing sessions in the future! ^_______^

We were also given post wax care! Hair Retard Mousse, UV Hydro White, Rose Extract Body Scrub, Anti Ingrown Hair Aqua Conditioner. Will be doing a review any time soon! Hehe.

And great news to share with you guys!

1. Quote "Aki $5 waxing" to enjoy 1 time underarm waxing at $5!
Call Beauty Affairs at 63379455 or sms to 98762944 for booking.
*Valid till 30th Sept 2012. Appointments must be made prior 30th and no later than that.

2. Facebook giveaway!
Like Wax XXX's facebook page ( and 5 lucky winners would stand a chance to win $200 vouchers each!

Beauty Affairs:
27 Pulvis Street #01-02 Singapore 188604
Tel: 63379455 

 Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10am - 9.30pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday & Public Holidays - Closed

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tsuyagla Wave 32mm!

Yayyyy! What to do you think of my wavy hair?! Recently ordered a Tsuyagla Wave produced my popteen model Kumicky! 

 Super recommend this as it's super easy to create your loose wavy looking hair.

It comes in two sizes, 32mm and 26mm! And I got the 32mm one!

Just so you wondering where I got it, I ordered it from Himeko-chan! You can order at she's selling Tsuyagla Rose, etc...

You can see pretty Kumicky everywhere on the box *____*

And the best part? IT'S IN PINKKKKK! Hahahaha! かわいいでしょ! 

Heat ranging from 120 to 200! 

 You would probably need adapter too!

I highly recommend Tsuyagla Wave! ^___^

Hehehe, and I got my logo designed by a friend of mine! If you're looking for web designer, photographer, etc, do visit The White Concept facebook page! !

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pandaki's August Shopping Haul


Hi Pandakians!

Gonna do my shopping haul today! Omgosh, I bought too many stuffs seriously. I was still planning to save some money and wait for IT fair to get my new camera!

But anyway, here we goooo~

Got these well, small little earrings(pink ones) at 3 for $5. And the New Look earring at $6! Cheap cheapppp. I just thought I need more earrings so I bought them. Ahahaha! 

Some hair accessories 3 for $5 as well~ Loving the little floral ribbons! 

Black boots from a brandless shop at @ Bugis Street level 2. $28. Okay, considerably cheap. ^__^

AND I SAW THIS LITTLE BABY CHOPPER, I COULDN'T RESIST THE CUTENESS AND I THOUGHT I MUST GET IT. Hehehehehe. I hardly buy soft toys for myself, but since I REALLLLYYY love Chopper why not?! Hahaha! 

Giving you the, 'Touch my Chopper and I'll kill you' face. Ahahaha. Okay, probably not fierce enough.

Walked into Forever 21, and I can't go out empty handed. *____*

Got this piece of sexy black dress at $29. Sooo sexy. Hahahaha! But good for maybe formal occasions or some work. Maybe party too. But oh well, I hardly wear such sexy stuffs. 

This hot shorts too~ I forgot how much it is, but I love e colourrrr! So naise! 

This sheer long sleeved top $25! Casual wear ftw~

And then I went New Look!
Got this sweater forrrr $29.90! I really love the colour so I got it~ Heheheh. I really love sweaters~ tho Singapore is sunny everyday~

As usual, I'll definitely visit City Plaza, where I get all my cheap shirts!

This time, as usual there's many cheap stuffs but nothing to my likings. >_<

This shirt cost $22 not that cheap. Tried to bargain but he refused to give me discount. ): ANGRY. But anyway I really like it so I bought it. HEHEHEE. 

Andddd this oversized grey top for $10~ Yayy.

I think I spent too much. Feeling very guilty right now. ): I promised not to do so. I gonna buy a new camera. I need to control till then. And I realised I haven't been buying any makeup stuffs. Not sure if it's good or bad. Hahahhaa!

Alright! Till next time! Bye~

Sunday, August 12, 2012

[Review]Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover!


Hi girls! I've just bought this awesome Biore makeup remover. I'm super amazed by how well it works! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING.

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover 230ml

Take a look at it's jelly texture.

I've always been using oil cleanser because it's super effective in removing waterproof mascara. But this jelly textured makeup remover realllyyyyyy impress me. O.O LIKE SERIOUSLY!

And a common problem I find with certain oil cleanser, like probably most of the oil cleanser I use, I couldn't really get rid of my stubborn waterproof mascara with just closing my eyes and massaging it. I had to like, open my eyes, scrub my eyelashes and use my fingernails to pull it off to completely remove. At times I have to use it twice. Then the oil cleanser would get into my eyes making my visions blurry. T.T PANDA.

But this cleanser despite it's weird texture and not a oil cleanser, it remove reallllly well! Just 2-3 pumps and just massage it all over your face and eyes. I go in a circular motion at my eye area, without opening my eyes, and without scrubbing and rubbing. AND WAAADAA~ I just rinse off with water and my mascara is completely removed. O.O I EVEN TRIED WITH MAJORICA MASCARA!

I was like, OMGOSH, I GOTTA SHARE THIS IMMEDIATELY. And here I am blogging about this. HAHAHA!

Overall rating: ★★★★☆
Why I rated it 4 stars: I got this at $24.90. Which I think it's considerably pricey. But at the same time, quite worth the price for how effective this remover works. AMAZING STUFF. Not gonna give it a 5 star because I believe, there will be something more goody good will be invented. *____* RECOMMEND!

Btw this is not a sponsored post or anything but I bought it myself. Hehehe.


Alright see you guys soon! Will be blogging about my August Shopping Spree next!

Friday, August 10, 2012

[Sponsored Review] Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Eye Cream and Hydrating Lotion with New Nano Formula!


Yay, finally I copyrighted my photos. Hah!

Exactly as the title says, I'm gonna do a review on Hada Labo's Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Lotion with NEW Nano Formula & Moisturizing Eye Cream!

And to be honest, I've heard a lot about Hada Labo products and this is in fact, the first time I'm trying it! Happy to say, they'll be added into my daily skin care routine! WELCOME NEW BUDDIES!

I have Dry & Oily Combination skin. And of course, sensitive... which explains my acne prone skin.

SHA Hydration Lotion with new Nano Formula 170ml

1 SOLD EVERY 2 SECONDS IN JAPAN! No joke. Hahahaha, you can just tell how well-liked this product is! And I'm very sure you must try it! Now with the new Nano Formula it triple (Nano, Super & Normal) the hydration power!

It comes in a liquid form and all you have to do is just apply it on your palms and gently pat onto skin until absorbed! Good for lazy people, yes? Few drops is enough to hydrate your whole face! ONE DROP LOCKS UP AN OCEAN. 一滴锁住一个海洋!!

And one important thing I always notice about certain hydrating lotion is that after absorbed, it will feel sticky all over and I don't like it. >__< Happy to say, Hado Labo's doesn't make my face feel sticky all over after! It leaves my face silky smooth! Yayyy! So far, no breakouts~

SHA Hydrating Lotion is also free of fragrances, alcohol, mineral oil & colorant which in another words, friendly to sensitive users(like me)! Hoho.

Overall rating: ★★★★☆ 
Why I rated it 4 stars: I really do love this product, despite the first time I'm using it. It's really light as it's in liquid form. I can feel my face is instantly moisturized and smooth! Sure doesn't like the feeling of having too much thick creamy stuffs on my face. Loving that it isn't sticky as well! Definitely will repurchase this product again!

SHA Moisturing Eye Cream 15g

The eye cream contains 3 types of Hyaluroic Acid(Nano, Super, Normal) for deep moisturization!
It also contains ACTIFLOW to visibly lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness! Jojoba Oil to smoothen fine lines around the eyes!

So far, haven't been using any eye cream in my life yet(I'm young,) Hahahaha!
And I think I'm now of the age where I definitely need eye cream especially, when I realise I've been sleeping late, and I AM DEFINITELY LOOKING MORE LIKE A PANDA.

Free of fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant! This eye cream is also to be used after the hydrating lotion. All you need is a small amount and dabbed it around your eyes!

 Overall rating: ★★★
Why I rated it three stars: I haven't use this product long enough to see the effectiveness of the lightening dark circles part yet. But I do like the fact that it does reduce puffiness of my eyes. And it is definitely sold at a affordable price. Repurchase not so sure yet! I'll see how it goes!

Where to get? 

You can get all Hada Labo products @ Watsons nationwide!

SHA Hydration Lotion - S$22.90
SHA Eye Cream - $21.90

Here you have Pandaki trying it out for you... CONVINCED YET?
Not convinced and you wanna try it out yourself?

Hada Labo is giving out free sample for Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion with new Nano Formula! So redeem yours now!
Simply visit their facebook page

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When two neko fairies meet...

 Hello! This will be a xxxxx Rated food porn post! And all photos credits to Himeko

I've met Himeko during the Shibuya Gals event and met up with her recently to her place! AND IT'S GOOD TO KNOW A NEW FRIEND WHO LOVE TO NUA(means chillax in hokkien. correct me if I'm wrong. T.T Not good in dialects.) AS MUCH AS I DO.


We the neko fairy tried to cook delicious lunch together!

These are the ingredients we got!

Chef Himeko checking out recipe for Tamagoyaki! 

Our Neko Himeko doing a great job there! 

Neko Aki trying out too~ Eggcited to see the results?! 


And now it's time for Katsu don time! Hoooray! 

Job well done. *pat head*

Time for the soupie~

One thing that we were very amazed by this soup is that, it comes with mini clams! Omgosh....

Really tiny!

Some onigiris for our tv snack~

When you put everything together....



Lastly, our custard caramel pudding! 


 Throughout the whole day, we were nua-ing and watching Dragon Zakura. BECAUSE YAMAPI IS TOO HANDSOME AND TEPPEI IS TOO CUTE. YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH TOO!

I'll be ending the post here spamming lots of pictures! Hehehhee. Getting tired already, since I'm blogging in the middle of the night. It's currently 2:21AM! Goodnight everybardi!