Monday, August 13, 2012

Pandaki's August Shopping Haul


Hi Pandakians!

Gonna do my shopping haul today! Omgosh, I bought too many stuffs seriously. I was still planning to save some money and wait for IT fair to get my new camera!

But anyway, here we goooo~

Got these well, small little earrings(pink ones) at 3 for $5. And the New Look earring at $6! Cheap cheapppp. I just thought I need more earrings so I bought them. Ahahaha! 

Some hair accessories 3 for $5 as well~ Loving the little floral ribbons! 

Black boots from a brandless shop at @ Bugis Street level 2. $28. Okay, considerably cheap. ^__^

AND I SAW THIS LITTLE BABY CHOPPER, I COULDN'T RESIST THE CUTENESS AND I THOUGHT I MUST GET IT. Hehehehehe. I hardly buy soft toys for myself, but since I REALLLLYYY love Chopper why not?! Hahaha! 

Giving you the, 'Touch my Chopper and I'll kill you' face. Ahahaha. Okay, probably not fierce enough.

Walked into Forever 21, and I can't go out empty handed. *____*

Got this piece of sexy black dress at $29. Sooo sexy. Hahahaha! But good for maybe formal occasions or some work. Maybe party too. But oh well, I hardly wear such sexy stuffs. 

This hot shorts too~ I forgot how much it is, but I love e colourrrr! So naise! 

This sheer long sleeved top $25! Casual wear ftw~

And then I went New Look!
Got this sweater forrrr $29.90! I really love the colour so I got it~ Heheheh. I really love sweaters~ tho Singapore is sunny everyday~

As usual, I'll definitely visit City Plaza, where I get all my cheap shirts!

This time, as usual there's many cheap stuffs but nothing to my likings. >_<

This shirt cost $22 not that cheap. Tried to bargain but he refused to give me discount. ): ANGRY. But anyway I really like it so I bought it. HEHEHEE. 

Andddd this oversized grey top for $10~ Yayy.

I think I spent too much. Feeling very guilty right now. ): I promised not to do so. I gonna buy a new camera. I need to control till then. And I realised I haven't been buying any makeup stuffs. Not sure if it's good or bad. Hahahhaa!

Alright! Till next time! Bye~


  1. nice haul <3 you look so cute ^^

  2. Very cute stuff!! And you look sooo cute as always :)

  3. i wanna go to city plaza too >; jio me lehhhh 8D

  4. oooh so many adorable stuff you got!!! the lace dress from f21 is so gorgeous and sexy!! Stay cute as always ^_~

  5. Wow! You bought so much cute things!

  6. I love that red sweater, super cute!!

  7. cute haul!! i love the sweater :)) same here.. need to save it more :')

  8. <3 that black dress. black goes with anything. especially the open back and pokie dots. pair it with heels and your good to go!

  9. Oh god I love that black dress!! You seriously must have a closet to envy!

  10. Challenge!

  11. You bought some really nice things!! That Chopper soft toy is too cute!! Good luck with saving up!! I am saving up for a camera too but I keep getting sidetracked >-<


  12. I love this haul! The red sweater is so cute :)

  13. Pretty gals!! u are getting pretty and prettier everyday!!

    Love love!!

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    hope u could join my giveaway!

    heres the link:


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