Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 Steps After Waxing

Hi! Remember I shared with you guys my first ever brazilian waxing experience? You can read it here!

My Beauty Affairs kindly sponsored us post wax care products from Wax XXX! And here's the 4 steps aftercare! Thank you!

Step 1: Rose Extract Body Scrub

This body scrub smells really good. Gentle scrub made of micro beads, helps to scrub away your dead skins leaving your skin smooth and clean.With its rich and smooth texture, it will moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin leaving a toned and brighter skin.

Been using it for a month now, and I really love to scrub my elbows and knees. Really love rose scented stuffs and I noticed my rough knees getting more smoothed out and brightened. Skin feels really good after washing it off! It leaves my skin so so soft that I don't need to use a moisturiser! Ohh, and it's pink. :p

 Step 2: UV Hydro White

This body lotion returns your dry skin to its natural softness and smoothness. Also contains UV filters to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

As I know, this product is really light and not greasy at all. The light texture of this emulsion is my favourite part of this product because it make it easier to apply and absorb. With daily application it will help to give your skin a healthier, whiter looking skin. I always use it before heading out on a sunny day~

Step 3: Hair Retard Mousse

This Papain rich mousse helps to wakens hair and slow down regrowth of new hair and also acts as a skin defoliator. Can be applied on Bikini line, under arms, legs, men beards and neck area.

The mousse have a cooling effect after applying as it contains Menthol. After shower, and I apply this, I feel double refreshed. I feel that this product really does slow down my hair growth. O.O
Super love this product!  I would say this is my favourite product of all!

Step 4: Anti Ingrown Hair Aqua Conditioner

 It reduces ingrown hair and red bumps after waxing. Can be used whenever itching occurs. This slightly acidic serum contains a lotion that that allows the hair to break through the skin without obstruction.

Do not remove your hair when ingrown hair exist because it will get worse! Use this daily until problem vanishes, then apply your wax, shaving or depilatory cream and remove hair. Best is to do waxing as shaving causes you to have ingrown hair! This product also have a cooling effect after applied!


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  1. Naah, I've never tried any of wax product before, now I want to try that brazilian waxing too o: but it's kinda expensive >.<

  2. hehe waxing o_o the only time i waxed was my upper lip and it was red for three days and it was on a school week so i looked like a freak...

  3. I've never tried waxing as I think they are just too expensive so I normally just stick with DIY wax at home..keke..BTW, you look super cute with those waves..^_~

  4. I only ever had my eye brows waxed and i hated it xD I don't think i can wax any other part of my body xD ill just shave xD
    love your hairr!


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