Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Shopping, F1, etc! *Picts spam*

Last week was truly an eventful week for me! So many things going on, I had so much fun!

I've been shopping for some stuffs again! So excited to share with you girls! 

 As you know, I'm crazy for chopper ever since I started watching One Piece. Just couldn't get enough of how kawaii he is! You won't believe it, but I actually ordered this gummy online. Like wtf.. Hahahha!

This denim dress I saw one day with my bestie! It's real cute! 

A simple black wedge!


OMG, AND TATTOO STOCKINGS. You totally should know that these cute stockings are trending right now! So many designs and I'm definitely gonna get more of them!

 There's also Formula One going on over the weekends! So my friend managed to get the ticket cheap for one day, which is last Friday! AND THERE'S ALSO CONCERT. JAY CHOU! YOU KNOW HIM?

We're not any car fans but Jay Chou fans. So our aim for the day was to sit there early and wait for his concert to start.

But to prove that we really did see cars, I took a picture and made a gif out of it. IT WAS REALLY LOUD AND WAY TOOOOOOO FAST! 

* fangirl-ing *His concert is way too awesome. Can't get enough of him and his songs. He is just too talented! Aww.

Here's some photos to share! ^___^

 Dining at Taiwan Restaurant with sister!

Dining at Thai Restaurant with my love.  


  1. You're just so cute ^3^ Tehe I'm hungry after this post ;D
    Those stockings looks so cute^^ I want to buy one pair for me too:)

  2. Very nice pictures. The food looks good!
    Your tights are so pretty, I love them ♥
    Have a nice week :)

  3. cute pics! and so delicious food!<3

  4. Oh you got some cute stuff! Love the tattoo tights so much the ones with the crosses are so cute! That concert look like so much fun. I only have been to one concert in my life and I was like really young xD

  5. I love these photos! The food looks good and all the items you got were cute too ^^

  6. oooh, lucky you!! I want to watch Jay Chou concert too...TT___TT~ the food pic super yummers!! as always you look adorably cute!! ^_~

  7. Haha, Chopper is adorable !! >w< ... And then he changes in to that muscly version of himself, when I first saw that, I was like ' @0@ '.
    All the food !! >w<

  8. You have really interesting life. And I love these tattoo tights. So lovely.

  9. I love all those tights! so awesome :3

  10. kawaii <3 chopper is too cute hehe i have a mini plush but i just ordered a medium sized one hehe :P i want tattoo stockings too but duno where to get em' loolll and i wear pants most of the time, lots food *gulp* :))

  11. Tattoo tights! Lovely! Wanna have them all xD
    you look so cute Aki ^^

  12. Loving your pictures!!! :) You are so pretty! :D I like your circle lenses!

  13. How cute are those tights?! Love it~ and I'm always drooling at the site of your food porn~>,< Everything looks so good<3


  14. im really enjoying ur post!hype that purikura photo ^^! ahh jaychou!..u're so lucky..he never held concert here in my country.. T.T

  15. The food looks really delicious. <3
    And the concert and F1 look amazing. I want too. .__.

  16. aww, that tattoo stocking is really hip right now. i wish i had it too :) btw, the gummy is look so cute. is that taste good? :)

  17. Super cute pics!!! I'm in love with your Chopper plush!!

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth


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