Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baking is fun!

Sorry for being so inactive! I'm finally back. Been so busy. T.T I don't even think I'll have the time to read blogs or even blog. D:

But finally, got something fun to share with you guys!

Thanks Streetdirectory and Paisley and Cream for inviting me to the cupcake baking workshop!
I had so so so much fun. (:

The workshop covered on lots of things! Vanilla cupcakes, chocolate fudge cupcakes, buttercream, ganache, etc!

Puja, the owner of Paisley and Cream will first demonstrate on how to do and we'll follow as she check on us!

All ingredients and notes and prepared for us too! 

Ingredients for Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes!

Me in action. Pardon my awkward pose. 

With the mixer, everything is so much easier! 

Vanilla cupcakes too.

Moving on, we were also taught how to make the Ganache and Buttercream!

The ganache looks sooo super yummy! @__________@ And it's really easy to do it!

Coating the cupcakes with apricot syrup! 

HERE COMES THE FUN PART. DECORATINGGGG! I know all of you would love this. ^___^

Also learnt how to fill the piping bags & piping with different nozzles! Fun fun fun fun fun.

And here's my creation! 

This is Puja Pawa, the owner of Paisley and Cream. She's really nice and learnt so much from her. This is my first time baking btw! Tho I loveee to cook. I think every girls should learn some baking skills as I find it really useful in the future, where you wanna make a lovely gift for you love ones, etc. Baking is not as tough as I thought it would be! Yippy! Gonna practise more often from now on! *________*

Wall of certificates! 

The charges for her workshop are as follows:

-$250 for two days
-$100 for one day

And there is no minimum number of participants for her classes!

For more information do visit their website at

Little India Shop Houses 2nd floor, 
Tel: 8111 1910


  1. Oh, aren't these just darling<3 Looks so yummy too~
    Looked like a very fun day!


  2. aww such a cute cupcakes~! I would love to eat them ^w^

  3. seems so cool.. i need to learn how to bake and cook!! ><

  4. The muffins look so yummy!!! I'm hungry now.. And Aki you are such an adorable girl~

  5. Wahh~ Those look so yummy! >u< You're so cute AND you know how to bake! What a deadly combination. ;D

  6. The cupcakes came out super cute~!!!! >w< I also love your top and lens <3

    xoxo tifuani

  7. lovely post..
    well im not good in cooking as well baking-,-

    u look cute in those pictures too

  8. You're so cute;3
    and those muffins looks so yummy ^3^

  9. Oh my God! All those toppings!!!
    Looks so great and yummy!!! :)

  10. Wow. it's amazing. Decorating is the past part :D

  11. That's a lot of cute decorations! I'm so bad at baking, it's weird because it actually looks easy but I still mess up.

  12. awww, they're just too cute. and i bet they're yummy too :))

  13. So cute and they look yummy! My cupcakes always taste burnt on the outside :c

  14. You are a good baker! They look so delicious! : D

  15. wow this looks soo fun! and the cupcakes turned out amazing!

  16. Looks fun and yummy :) Wish I could bake in a kitchen like that ^^

  17. Cupcakes looks soo delicious:) And you. You look so beautiful, kawiiii :D

  18. omg every thing turned out so good! and cute > , <
    good job!


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