Thursday, October 4, 2012

Walk down the village.

Hi guys! Recently just came back from my three days vacation at Malaysia with my family to visit my granny, relatives etc!

Gotta say, if it's not for blogging, I wouldn't be appreciating things as much as I do now. Taking down every moments with camera and here sharing with everybody who's reading my blog right now!

Years passed and if I read back this post, it will be super memorable! Don't you think! Hahaha. It's like a public diary I guess.

Alright, shall talk later, and let photos do the job!

5hours ride by car! Super enjoy car rides. Well, a lot more than before! Because I used to have very seriously motion sickness. Hahaha!

Some food before we continue our journey.


Vroom vroom vroom.

Our first destintion, my aunt's home based salon to have our hair done! Didn't do anything to my hair! Hahaha!


Next stop to my Granny's house! Miss her so much! Been so long since the last time I met her.
Well, been spending all my life here in Singapore. So, yeah.

This is my granny! And my cheecky cousin at the back.
 Meet their new pet! Her name is 美丽(mei li) meaning pretty/beautiful. Hahahaha! Why not just call it Mary! But anyway she's sooooo adorable. Only 7month old! Super playful. ^___^

THAT'S NOT ALL TO THE CUTENESS. CHECK OUT THESE LITTLE KITTY!!! Omgosh, new born 2 days old babies!

Their mummy!

Some food porn

Homecooked food by chef granny.

Another relative house, where we stayed over at for the three days!

We also visited my grandparents old old old old house where they used to live. It's empty now, but it's full of memories. ^^ Tho during that time, I was too young to remember anything.

It is located inside the forest where there's many rubber trees etc. They earn their livings by extracting the rubber latex from the rubber tree, and selling them. Planting vegetables, fruits, etc...

More food porn...

And the last day....

Snacks and stuff that we bought.

It was Mid Autumn Festival on one of days when I was there. Supposing there should be some pictures of mooncakes... But lazy panda me, is lazy... And soon camera died on me... So sorry for the super abrupt ending. T.T


Really enjoyed myself with my family and if I say I didn't gain any freaking weight, I'm lying. Hahahhahaa..

SO MUCH FOOD. You cannot imagine just how much I ate there. Cannot.

My face is so round now. And that's probably the reason why you only can find only 1 picture of me in this post.

After I'm back, there's freaking lots of ulcers in my mouth. I having hard time eating right now. ): I guess my wisdom tooth is growing as well, because my gum hurts!!!

Hopefully I'll be back blogging soon! xoxo.


  1. The dog and the kitties are soooo cute <333
    So many food *o* Yummy~
    Have a nice week :)

  2. Lovely photos and cute animals. I love them :3

  3. ohh! cool pics! :)
    and you are so pretty:)

  4. *__* Love your pictures!
    Especially the photos of the animals are so cute!!!

  5. hi~this is my first time commenting, I'm a new follower ^-^y❤ this is such a cute post. I love travel pics, the best way to get a glimpse into local life & food...❤

  6. omg those kitties! Love those kitties. Thank you for sharing your little journey. The food looks pretty amazing.

  7. GAH you cutie *^^* The animals are cute! And I'm hungry now thanks to your food snaps! ;____;

  8. You're just so adorable! ;) So pretty!!
    That dog was so cute;33
    Haha now I'm super hungry! :DD

  9. Aw, you look so cute<3 & the food! OMG! so good~

    Looks like you had a good time with the family~


  10. You look so cute...
    and great post..:)

  11. I enjoy these photos.for me it's so interested to see how people live in another country.
    Also wanted to say that and you are very cute. :З

  12. My Home sweet Home /County

    Rgds/Uncle Ming

  13. Food...kitties....puppy... *_* Hope you had fun on your vacation! ^^

  14. wow very nice & cute pics!! the food look super delish! the house were vintage yet classic! thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos! Stay pretty ^_~


    The homecooked food looks suuuper yummy, it always is, I'm sure. Hope you're having fun!

  16. aah you are so pretty! =D started to follow you!

  17. Love your post! Can I know which app you use to edit your photo by putting on the Icon thingy?


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