Monday, November 26, 2012

Matte & more matte with Dejavu.

Last Saturday, Himeko invited me along to Dejavu event by cozycot. Sankyew~

 Dejavu is known for it's Fiberwig mascara and fiberwig is the first ever mascara I used when I started using makeup, along with their Tiny Sniper RN mascara for my bottom lash. *___*

They recently launched new products, Dejavu Lash Serum, Dejavu Control Serum and Dejavu Mini Pact.

The control serum and mini pact.
Control Serum:
-Contains an active oil clearing ingredient that soaks up excess oil like a sponge.
Adheres naturally and comfortably to the skin for all-day non-shininess and preventing
makeup run.

-Soft cushion powder fills in and adheres to skin where makeup has faded and skin tone appears uneven.
-Light coverage and natural looking yet cover pores for a translucent finish.

There we have the Lash Serum, Fiberwig Extra long and Lash Knockout.
Fiberwig Extra Long:
-False eyelash formula applied like mascara and forming film that encapsulates lashes.

Lash Knockout:
- Volume film mascara is a film type mascara in which the liquid dries to form a sleek thick flim that encapsulates each lash for impact volume.

Lash Serum:
-Formualted eyelash care components for full time eyelash repair.
-Everyday care will improve the effects of makeup, with longer, thicker eyelashes.

Eyeliners! Lasting-fine N and Perfect liner.
Lasting-fine N:
-A silicon fixative provides super holding power
-It resists oil, swear and tears which can cause Panda-Eyes. It creates long wearing
rub resistant finish.

Perfect Liner(waterproof formula):
-Film coats the pigments to guard the highly defined, glossy, jet black lines against oil, swear and rubbing.

Hatomugi Lotion
Hatomugi Skin Conditioner:
-A fast absorbing and non-sticky moisturing lotion
-Mositurising mist for face and body
-Excellent after-sun moisturiser
-Can be used as a daily replenishing treatment or a deep hydrating mask.

Products for us to try.

Before the makeup demonstration, Jeraldine explained to us about the products and how to use it in detailed description.

Then we have the makeup artist to demonstrate a dramatic look for coming christmas using Dejavu products on half of the model face!

Tadahhhh, the completed look! You can tell the differences right! Bigger and sharper looking eyes.

Closer look.

And did you know, dejavu mascaras are not waterproof but, they are smudge proof. So definitely no panda eyes when you use them. It was also demonstrated that when you made a mistake, simply use a cotton swab to remove it and no stains were left. *___* They're easily removed by water and really nice to use on lazy days. That's my favourite part. Their crayon eyeliner are also formulated this way too!

Dejavu is also having a photo contest! Check out their facebook page for more information!

The door gift. Thank you so much, dejavu and cozycot! 

I'll be sure to do the reviews of the products soon soon soon~


  1. wow the dejavu products sound really amazing :D

  2. Wow~ This event seems fun! I never hear of this brand, but it seems nice to try!

  3. Ooh~ Their products sound good. I need better mascara maybe worth trying this brand. Can't wait to read your review ^ ^

  4. Nuuu..I NEED fiberwig for my barely there lashes! heheh

  5. Wow~ I've always wanted to try the Deja Vu fiberwig mascara~ Unfortunately, I can't find any places that sell that here (yet). ;u;

  6. wow!! i love dejavu fiber mascara!! and you look super cute!! as always ^_~

  7. soooo pretty

    xoxo Wengie

  8. Oh you are so pretty!!! I love all the dresses you got!

  9. Wow, trying on all those products must have been so fun!

  10. Love your pictures!


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