Saturday, November 3, 2012


Time pass real quick! It's November already O.O. So what have I been up to? LOL. Gaming. :p
And there's lots of events that happened. Will blog about them soon!

Thank you to Crafts Beautiful and Streetdirectory for inviting me to a scrapbook lesson! It's shoooo fun.

Jenny, the founder of Crafts Beautiful has been teaching Paper Tole for the past 16 years!

And here's a super pretty paper tole work. *___*

And some cute 3D stuffs I found in the shop.

So to start off, Jenny will brief us on what to do, and how the use the materials given to make your scrapbook fanciful~

Some books for inspiration. And I decided to do it for my pet dog, Rusty. LOL. Tho I don't think he'll appreciate it.

 So first, we will plan the layout while Jenny go round and check to see, if our work is too messy, and she will give suggestions. Reminds me about art and craft lesson in school. O.O

 Here's mine.

Then I'll start decorating with these pretty materials given.

Serious... serious...

Tadahhh, this is my final work!

And the words pop up too. 

So it looks a little bit weird w/o Rusty photos on it. Let me photoshop it in. 

Yes, it will probably look like this!

Scrapbook will make an amazing gift for your friends or family.

Crafts Beautiful is currently having a 1 for 1 promotion

Liang Court #03-01,
117 River Valley Road


  1. Verry pretty. A friend of me is doing awesome scrapbook work. She is so talented ♥
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. I've always wanted to make a scrap book, especially during my highschool days to create memories.. never got to make any with my friends though T^T But the memories will forever remain ^^

  3. Oh wow! That looks so adorable~ Makes me want to pick it up now ^^

  4. Heyy, that looks like so much fun!! >w<
    Haha, I love your design - super cute! ^^

  5. You're so cute! :-D I hope I can also make a scrapbook. Hehe. I've been wanting to do so ever since before. xD

  6. they're so cute. the one you made "with" rusty picture is adorable, hehehe. and you look pretty as always, of course :)

  7. Cute~ I love scrapbooking~ I could spend all day if I wanted to ^.^


  8. I LOVE SCRAP BOOKING! Hehe, but lately I been very busy and lazy. That, I got to admit. :) I wished this store was opened in the states. Everything in Asia is so cute..><

  9. The food looks delicious!
    And the scrapbook is really pretty! :)


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